Indian Politics: Power without Responsibility

Posted on June 17, 2010 in Society

Spurthi Rao:

Dictionary definition of a Government is-“The authoritative direction and administration of affairs of men in a nation, state, city etc.

If this is the axiomatic definition of a government, then what do we call the one we have at centre? It has an administration which is weak but, is authoritative in the most atrocious way.

We have a Government which acts like cowardice. It shies away from taking bold steps and faints at the idea of leading the country from the front. The need of the hour is an ably-functioning government with its sole objective of development, and progress. But, sadly it is something that is evidently missing in our nation’s political genealogy.

By not taking any firm decision on the execution of Afzhal Guru it is displaying its incompetence. What can be expected of a government which fails to punish the culprit who if he had succeeded could have killed almost all the major players of the ruling party today? What can be said of the politicians who are fighting it hard (tooth and nail) to delay the execution fearing backlash from a certain section of the society? It is such a shame that matters of such paramount importance take a back seat when it comes to decision-making.

Not only this, there are many other issues that have been neglected over the decades. One such is the reservation policy that the government has adopted. It is choosing to ignore the cries of FCs for justice. It is not really ready to start a debate on this issue again wary of losing out in the polls to come if it meddled with the quota system. It was the one which ignited the long forgotten issue of Telangana. It is responsible for all the inconvenience people had to go through in the nearly 3-month agitation in AP.

The performance of UPA-II has not been up to the mark. It has sidelined all the important issues and has taken pride in its inconsequential projects. Many serious stories have surfaced signifying the growing levels of corruption in the armed forces. Yet, the government has chosen to ignore this allegation instead of putting an end to all the speculation. Another important aspect is our national security. Are we truly well armed to protect our country from our hostile neighbours as proclaimed by the defence forces? Can we defend ourselves from the recurring terrorist attacks? How long do we need to live under the constant scare and threat to our lives? What measures has the government taken to gain the confidence of the people of Kashmir? When can we claim our rightful ownership over Jammu and Kashmir & Arunachal Pradesh? The centre ought to display firmness and be assertive when dealing with such issues.

What is essential for any effective Government is the ability to take strong and bold steps that make way for development even if it means standing up alone. It should possess the far-sightedness which is very much required for nation-building. But, by its laxed nature, it is setting up a bad precedent. The people of the country expect the PM to come out clearly in significant matters. But, instead of clearing the air, it is trying hard to convince and assuage people by its tried and tested tool – reeling out oft-repeated, heard and digested dialogues. No doubt, our country is still drooping in utter confusion and chaos. Turning a blind eye on vital issues is doing no good to any quarter. Need we remind it that ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’? Out of the blue, even if the Government wishes to do some good to the country, the Opposition raises a hue and cry erasing the only hope for progress sadly bringing back the story to the beginning. It’s the same old story again.

It is time the PM and his Cabinet Ministers reconsidered their course of action and frame new policies for the upliftment of the poor and for the well-being of its citizens. The nation has voted them for a reason and it is their foremost responsibility to make sure that the needs of the people are met. They should live up to the expectations of the people because, we did not vote for them so that they could make long-drawn-out speeches on communal harmony. We did not elect them so that they could garland Bapu on Gandhi Jayanthi. We did not give them power so that they could indulge in foreign-tours for no reason. We are not paying taxes even though we struggle to make both the ends meet just to burden their already heavy well-corrupted pockets with even more money. We did not give verdict in their favour while we languish in poverty so that they could wallow in luxury but, we put them in office so that they could realize our dream of owning a house one day. We believed they could raise our standards of living. We hoped that they would make it possible for us to have a square meal a day. We presupposed, they would help us to eke out a living in this expensive world. We counted on them that they would provide us protection from the giant, dirty hands of terrorism. But, instead they sent applications requesting additional security for themselves. We wished they would make treatment affordable. We looked forward to travelling on smoother, pothole-free roads. But, these Politician Gods were not satisfied with our penance no matter how much we tried to appease them. They said we were asking for too much and laid the matter to rest.

Why does it not occur to us that it is only a favour that the politicians are bestowing with by assuming office? They clearly do not want to upset us by denying the responsibility. We had totally forgotten that it is only our duty to pay the tax sincerely whereas it goes by their right to dwindle the revenue thus collected and fill up their bank accounts.

Sorry, Mr. Politician, you have no qualms and we do not complain!