Informed Youth – The Plenipotentiaries of the Country

Posted on June 26, 2010

Rohit Sahai:

Let’s make a plain conversation. Youth - What defines this word? Is it the age limit? Is it the physical personality and ability of an individual or is it one’s mental status of thinking? You will ultimately have to agree that there is no sharp definition of this term except in census.

Now let’s come to another point, Youth has supposedly the onus of taking over the country in near future, as per the so-called Netas and other older & wiser heads (wonder how many actually are!). They (Youth) are depicted, expected and assumed to be a dynamic power or energy rather, which has immense potential to take the country beyond boundaries. Point accepted! The Youth is as described aforesaid. And therefore to meet the above demands they have become various expert professionals in vivid fields of development. Moreover to bring into effect social causes they have also come up against issues like female foeticide, environment, dearth of medical services, standing against reservation or corruption and endless many. But ever bothered that despite several people striving at various places in the country, why are we not turning up with the expected results? Why is the system not showing any signs of better management, unbiased, quick or any speck of being corruption free? This is not only because the efforts are also dissolved with some concealed corrupt and catalytic poisons. There is a big reason that hides itself in layers of ignorance. This is Lack of complete knowledge. Of course this is not the sole reason, but an important one.

This is very simple to understand. Let us take an example. Potholes – One of the biggest enemies to the Indian commuters troubling them all over country with bumpy rides. But when the road was being constructed how many of us bothered to read the sign board that gave complete details of the money sanctioned by the Government and how it has been variously used for the different aspects of the construction? Ideally we are supposed to keep an eye on it and make sure the quality is just alright and make a complaint if it is not. It seldom happens. I agree, you don’t have time and no one pays heed to the complaint there in the concerned department, but here the internet can become an best option. Sit at home, write E-mails, and if no heeds call in the media which is now a mail/ sms/ call away. Want to stay anonymous? Please do. But at least write them! It’s your right. But how do we know what is our right, because we never wanted to study the so called boring Civics which was prescribed from class 6th to 9th (nearly). Now you probably get it. A strong cause ought to have a strong reason, a reason that comes from complete information.

Anti-corruption, quickness, managed & unbiased services and better managed Government is not a service, but it is your right. Know your right. Read and discuss as much as you can before starting a campaign, protest or evoking a complaint. Try and know everything. To help you out, it is mandatory for every institute, institution, and other functional Government body to have a ‘Right to information’ tag on their websites. Do log on to all those bodies and institute that relate to you or where you study or work, and have a complete detail of the funds allotted, its reallocation for various purpose and other essential activities going on in there.

We often complain the media is also not fair. How will it be? Let us demand the truth and the media will at once come out of the political pressure. The very apt example can be the Government leaving no stone unturned to save one of its eminent leaders name from being demoralised, despite the fact he knew about Mr. Anderson (one of the prime suspects of the awful Bhopal Gas tragedy) fleeing out of the country. Just once if the leader faces this allegation, all the Chowks, airports, bhawans, schemes, highways will also bear a scar on them. How can Government let this happen? Can you see the chain of corruption from a former politician’s goodwill to a party’s ego to pressurised media to affected people of the tragedy?

Challenging the system not only requires physical manpower, but also the wit of information. The blend of which will define the actual Youth, as we had discussed in first paragraph. The Youth that is expected is this one. YOU! So let’s stay informed and make India a better place to live…

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