Interview with Mr. Nag, Founder, Society of Young Scientists

Posted on June 26, 2010 in Interviews

Interview by K. Spurty Rao:

Science-it is a world to be explored. There is a scientist in every one of us. You were one when you discovered that a plant grows from a seed. You were one when you observed that a flower grows into a fruit. You were one when you saw a beautiful butterfly taking shape from a caterpillar. In fact, you were one all along. And, here we bring you one such person who believes in the fore said things He is Ravichander Nag, the founder of Society of Young Scientists, an NGO. In the telephonic interview, our correspondent Spurty tries to find out more about the NGO.

Spurty – Sir, will you please tell our readers what this society is all about?

Nag – Society of Young Scientists commenced in October 2006. This society is all about bridging the gap between industry and education. It is about creating equal opportunities so that even the poorest of the poor can taste success. It is about creating an environment for developing a new scientific India. This society provides the platform on which each day a new scientist is born and new inventions come into light and we have more of C. V. Ramans. This society has been set up to develop scientific temperament in individuals.

Spurty What or who has been your inspiration behind setting up this NGO?

Nag – I’ve always dreamed and intended to become a scientist. But, I couldn’t realize that dream of mine. Even though I didn’t make it, I wanted to give wings to the other aspiring scientists. I started contemplating on some ideas and Society for Young Scientists took its birth.

Spurty – Can you sum up your vision and mission in a sentence for us?

Nag – Our society is a place ‘Where dreams take shape.’

Spurty – How do you think this can make a change?

Nag- The facts of science supplemented with the laws of technology have the power to transform our lives. Our sole purpose is to encourage people to explore the world of science. This will thereby create a solution to technical problems faced by the Nation.

Spurty – This NGO sounds like it’s booming with work. What were your recent projects?

Nag – In recent past, we’ve conducted a workshop at Ved Vignan School, Begumpet, Hyderabad over a month. This received a very warm response. We interacted and motivated the students to come up with new innovative ideas. Their Principal was overwhelmed on seeing their children work so hard. We had even given away cash prizes to the top five winners.

Spurty – Do you only nurture scientists or are there any plans to enter into other fields too?

Nag – Yes, we want to set up an NGO for engineers based on similar lines. But, it still is in its nascent stage. The idea is to provide the participants with all the guidance on their projects. The site is still under construction.

Spurty – What are your upcoming works to fuel the minds of these gen-next kids?

Nag – We’re proposing to conduct seminars, workshops, exhibitions in August. We’ll also conduct Young Scientists Talent Search and scholarships would be awarded to the meritorious and deserving students.

Spurty – Do you plan to set up offices in other cities too?

Nag – Well, we receive many calls and requests from across the country asking for the same. We haven’t really given a thought to it. But, we may likely open branches in Tamil Nadu/Punjab/Bhopal/Patna.

Spurty – Lastly, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Nag – Here, I would like to quote Shakespeare, “You can reach your destination only when you walk towards it.”

Spurty – Thank You Sir. Youth Ki Awaaz wishes you all success in your endeavours.

Nag – Thanks a lot!

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