It all started with them

Posted on June 29, 2010 in Specials

Supratim Chakraborty:

Getting up early in the morning, packing my Tiffin box fast so that I don’t miss my school bus which has already arrived and is blowing the horn hard, dad enquiring if I am ready and with a serene smile mom saying have a nice day … today after living five long years away from them it’s not that I miss them but I wish they were here … sitting right beside me. We sometimes don’t realize the essence of the relationship which we share with them and we just get along with our own world of friends and activities. Like for an instance they call us almost every day to find out how’s everything going with us and sometimes we just become least interested to even reply properly. I still remember the day they left Bangalore after getting me all settled in the hostel. I felt really miserable with the thought haunting me that I won’t see them again. But I moved on just like any of us and so did they. Sometimes I really feel very jealous of all those colleagues of mine, who stay with their parents and I wish they would have been here with me as well.

I don’t remember a single day when my mom got up in the morning and said that she cannot prepare food for us. But I do remember the number of times when I must have done something to make them feel bad. Some of us say that they do so because it’s a part of their responsibilities or duties or whatever … but today I say that they do it not because they have to but because they genuinely want to take care of us; they want us to stay happy ; they want to give us the best so that we can achieve the best. They are always there to guide us throughout, they are there to extend their helping hands whenever we require, and they are always there with their perpetual warmth of love, affection and care. In fact they are the only people on this earth who love and care for us unconditionally.

One of my friends once said that everything at her home is very functional and things happen because they have to happen. But I say, you miss these “have to happen functional things” once you are away from your home sweet home. Today no one asks me, “What do you want for lunch tomorrow?” . No one asks me “How did your exam go?”. No one tells me ”Get up early tomorrow. There is a festival in house!”. Today I just feel like singing the song “Mama I am coming home. ”.

Often in the busy schedule of our life we tend to forget some basic things which govern us throughout our everyday life. We get busy with our friends, our work and our lifestyle and in the race of searching ourselves, we do sometimes forget our very own parents. We need to realize the fact that it all started with them and its going to end with them. Wherever we stay, whatever we do we have to go back to them!