Killing the Honour!

Posted on June 28, 2010 in Specials

Trishla Gupta:

In a world where people chat with 3G technology and life goes on at a vroom pace, our society has regressed to the Dark Ages where the honor of society is killed without a thought. Lives are taken for age old beliefs which should have been extinct by now as they are not consistent with our present day lifestyles. Honour killings used to be a phrase linked with the Middle East and the backward countries which follow strict Islamic Code of conduct. But our own country isn’t any better than the Taliban. This is a different form of terrorism – a social terrorism. The worst part is that people living in cities are also a part of this social terrorism. In a world where people talk about human rights and individualism, young couples are killed in the name of religion and family honour.

A few days ago I read about the death of a journalist in Jhumri Taliyya, her homeland, under mysterious circumstances. She was an independent woman, earned her living yet her life was taken away from her for falling in love with a boy from a different caste. Another couple was electrocuted by parents and relatives. The neighbours were silent witnesses of their screams. Another’s parents filed a complaint of rape against the lover of the girl because she was pregnant. Another’s filed case of kidnapping against the boy and were planning to murder the girl. Such incidents have become rampant. It is not just the question of same gotra, but also the question of falling in love. Love in itself is considered a social crime. If we do not stand against these incidents they will continue to smear blood on the lives of the youth. The men of law i.e. the police often side with the parents and help execute such brutal acts. Such Talibanization needs to be stopped. We are the youth we need to bring the change that we often talk and think about. What we need is a social revolution something like the sexual revolution that hit America in the mid-sixties, otherwise these Stone Age institutions of Khap Panchayats along with middle class and lower class parents will smother the youth. We need to stand up for our rights which stand like wonderful decorations in law books.

That day isn’t far when women will be treated in India in the same manner as they are treated in Afghanistan and the Middle East. We will be clad in Burquas and our face veiled. For every spoon of food making it into our mouth we would have to lift that veil. Love is a natural human feeling which should not be denied or repressed. It is not unnatural for two people to fall in love; it is unnatural for parents to murder their children for falling in love. How long are we going to be silent witnesses of such criminal acts?