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The Omnipresent Emotion

Posted on June 23, 2010 in Specials

Navendu Tripathi:

Often, during my course of stay on this planet have I come across this question. Sometimes by a guy smitten completely by a lovely creature or vice versa, a heart broken soul after a big fight and unfortunate breakup, someone amazed by seeing this phenomena taking place between two people and desperately wanting to experience it, and most of the times by my companion completely sloshed out under the effect of grape or sugarcane juices (usually rotten for a long time and served chilled with coke or sprite). I myself asked this question numerous times but never got a satisfactory answer. They were usually biased to certain segment of people, or sometimes out of frustration of being affected in a not so good way by it.

The question remains as it is. What is Love???

With my end semester exams coming by soon, and having not studied at all wasting a night on a movie, I sure had this overwhelming feeling to sit down and think about it, because this is the time when you think the most, defining the blank look you give during an exam.

Considering all the definitions given by those smart people earlier, and highly renowned philosophers, combined by my own deep thinking, I came across no conclusion, and for sure, no definition. How can I?? Can you define the soul, or the universe?? If yes then please contact the concerned authorities for your Nobel Prize, if not then stop asking this question.

The origin of the word unknown, but I really feel there isn’t any origin at all. It was always there. Something that gave birth to everything, the universe or the soul what we call, it cannot be defined. It’s the nature.

In very simple words considering an example as I always have been taught in my course of study, it as not an emotion, or a reason, or a definition, but something that’s beyond, because it gave birth to it.

Not taking it too far I would relate it more to what my generation people are more concerned with, relations. The four seasons, summer, winter, autumn and spring. A basic natural phenomenon symbolises it. The spring or the beautiful part of it, everything, good or bad is beautiful; owing to it you can forgive anything or anyone, nothing possibly, you feel, can go wrong. It’s the best thing that ever happened to you. Isn’t it so when you start off??

Then comes summer. Starting with the warmer part of the season, little anger, passion, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but still good. As the season proceeds, the heat increases, so does the anger, the quarrels and beginning of turmoil. Rains might sometimes in between fall and soothe things for you, but the season never stops doing its work.

Winters. Cold, dreaded, makes you go into your shell, to a safe warmer place, away from everything, not much energy to do anything to stop it from affecting you, but the helplessness to let it do its job. And when it’s through, you often got not much left on you to work upon, because the cold might leave the air around you, but not your heart.

And finally autumn, the dead leaf breaks apart from the tree, once where it proudly resided all green and mocking at the world around, now lying on the ground mercilessly crushed by ignorant feet, not believing the fact it could ever happen. But it did, because it is nature.

And then it starts again. But then, why am I writing all this, where do you stand amongst this long description. Well, go back, read again, because you my friend are the person who has seen all the seasons, been through all it did, and now wondering what the hell has happened. In plain simple words the seasons defined all your emotions, and in fact are what love is. Not the definition, but just a symbol.

The reason why you are wondering is just that you gave up too early. There was the heat, the cold, the beauty and the end, but you got too scared of the rest of the three to hold on to spring. And wait for it to come back. Love is like the seasons, not an emotion, because it is the anger, the passion, the hatred, the dread, the fear, and the beautiful feeling that made you have the time of your life.

What can one possibly do then, because the seasons would come by, and be what they are. Well, the only way out is faith. The will to hold on, to not to let go when it’s not going the way it started, or the way you wanted it. There will be summers, you will have to face the cold icy winters, or the dreaded autumn, but then if you have faith in you, the soul, the nature, then believe me, the spring would be back again. It has to. And if not, then don’t worry, just enjoy all the seasons and make the most of them, because sooner or later, it’ll start all over again. It never stops, or leave you alone, because this is what you are, this is the nature.