What Keeps Man Going: Reasons for all Seasons

Posted on June 29, 2010

Irfan Mohamed:

Introspect – What is the essence of life? Why are we born, why do we exist? What’s life worth? We all know that we reach a state of complete peace one day, but we never mind. We put that ‘happening’ to an infinite time instance, so far way that we make ourselves sure that we will never meet that fate.

What fuels man to work, day in and day out? Amidst the constant reminders, disasters and accidents! But do we care how we end up? No, we never do!

What I’m dealing with here, is why man is man! What makes him the top order animal? Or rather, what makes him human?


Passion! Family! Survival!

Man’s love for his interest, dedication to it, gives him a reason to survive. A soldier exists but to serve for the country, a scientist exists but to research. This allegiance, this fixity, drives him, boosts him to live every day. It is for him the essence of life. It makes him social.

But this desire grows to greed. Craze. The basic drive to transform himself from a piece of mass to a volume in the book of history. That is what makes man human. The desire to make people envy him, respect him, love him. To be surnamed ‘Sire’ by other great men.

This is then transformed to a question of survival. Competition he faces from counterparts, asks him to work harder to eliminate them. To attain perfection. Now man completes the definition of being a social animal.

No matter what comes across, he still manages to throw them away and walk on.

Whatever happens, life must go on. He brushes it off and simply smiles.

Responsibility given is not worth responsibility assumed. Immortality and Invisibility — the only powers left.


Serve GOD.

But there are degrees to it.

Ascetics. People who give up life! But look! What use are they? I may not have the rights to question their individualism, but can’t they make themselves worth the life they own? Stay religious, I’m not bugging, be orthodox, not bothered, but have a stand in this world. Make yourself human. Social.

Lesser degrees, people who live with the common crowd, yet keep up virtues, values. A hand in mundane issues too. In short, people who actually live.

Lowest degree, people who resort to religion just to sit back home enjoying holidays or concessions from the government. Sheep!

Man needs a motive to live. A reason to survive. Though, whatever be it, he is bound to survive. That’s him, yes!

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