Why Can’t Our Politicians Retire?

Posted on June 28, 2010

Roli Verma:

A teacher retires at the age of 60 while a Supreme Court judge retires at the age of 65. What about politicians? Do they ever retire? Never actually…

Though every job comes with a retirement age but not this one. In our country there is no specific retirement age for politicians and much of them are elders.

Though we are a young nation with 75% of the population below 40 years and 54% have not even crossed 25, yet most of the top politicians are in their 70’s and even 80’s. It’s a common notion that the younger lot is always efficient. As a person gets older his health gradually deteriorates. Then why don’t we have an age limit for our netas?

Firstly, youngsters don’t wish to enter the political scum. They enjoy being disenchanted with politicians and criticizing them.

I feel that our country requires youth- full of zest, vigour and strength, those who have great visions of taking our nation to the top. For that, the youth needs to be passionate in joining the realm of politics. Its not that our politicians are bad. It’s just that sometimes they are not able to tackle the issues of the nation like rising unemployment and innovation in education. Due to changing scenarios they are not able to take decisions accordingly.

Interestingly, many corporate leaders like Captain Gopinath of the low cost carrier Deccan airlines and banker Meera Sanyal have entered this fray. Congress has become popular due to the growing appeal of the leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot. In 2004 Rahul joined politics and re-invigorated the congress party’s political fortunes by inspiring youngsters.

Further, elections at present are being fought on caste and religious lines rather than developmental issues. Caste and religion are deeply rooted in our culture and people are very sensitive to them. When politicians try to create religion or caste based vote banks, people lose their wits and do not even bother to know the performance of the candidate. Only the caste and religion matter to them.

I hope with the participation of youth in elections, issue-based politics replaces caste-based politics.

The elder politicians must act as the light to guide the young ones, rather than taking the pain on them. This way we will benefit from their experience and will be able to govern our dynamic society…

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