Why I Don’t Limit My Time With HIM Even in the Rat Race …

Posted on June 3, 2010 in Specials

Tanaya Singh:

For the past two weeks I have been enjoying the privilege of an air conditioned office from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, uninterrupted internet connection, a perfect desktop, unlimited coffee supply just twenty steps away and minimal work in hand. What say….doesn’t this manifest the set-up for a perfect writing opportunity?

Yes it does….this makes up a superb surrounding for a writer inside an engineer. But the question is…what did I write since I joined this company for my summer training as an “electronic engineer”? Absolutely nothing. Reason? Maybe all that made me happy about this place was the fact that it helped me avoid Delhi’s heat throughout the day. My mind was blocked and all I could do was to stare at a blank word document. Phewwww….this is surely not what I want to talk about here. But you know what…it is usually in the scenarios that make you feel completely bored and lugubriously out of place where you get that idea which clicks and helps you to finally sit down and clatter the keyboard. (And great people have said…if you want to understand what a piece of writing wants to convey, you should always be aware of the writer’s state of mind 😉 )

So it was on one of those completely free days at work when I was trying to kill time and decided to visit the office library. It is a small room with a few desktops, a few chairs and a reading table, lots of magazines and a librarian. As I entered this place the first thing that caught my attention was surely not the lot of amazing reading stuff on the racks or the dapper looking handsome guy sitting in the corner. The person who held my eyes, my steps, my mind and my thoughts for more than a minute was a girl sitting right at the centre of a small crowded room and praying.

She was a Muslim girl two or three years older than me. Having taken a small space for herself, sitting on her prayer rug, she was praying. Completely engrossed in her verses, she was oblivious to the movements around her and the people staring. (No….I am not here to blabber about Islam, or the prayers, or caste, or the latest Facebook scandal!!!! Absolutely not. So you are free to read on.)

The girl simply amazed me. She gave rise to a lot of unanswered questions within me and I was stunned for a few seconds. And the thoughts of those few seconds are as follows.

It had been weeks or maybe months since I had prayed or even thought about God. And this lady had that flame and that belief which helped her take out time to remember her creator while working in a multinational corporation, where she was loaded with substantial amount of work….an excuse that people like me easily take to eschew away from prayers.

“Am I an atheist? “, I asked myself.

Obviously I am not. I believe whole heartedly in the existence of god, in the power of the Elysium, in one hand that is the pivot of all the energies of this world and I believe in the soul. I believe in all this but I don’t and I can’t conceive the necessity and the requirements of a prayer. I am not a follower of the theory that folding your hands and enchanting a few religious words on some selected days can increase your proximity with Him. When I pray during festivals, I pray because that particular day is meant for prayers and everybody is doing it. When I pray before a result, I pray because it seems the right thing to do. Sometimes when I suddenly start praying every morning for about a week, I pray because of the superstitions within me that “not praying” is “not good”. And when I pray at home, I pray because of my mother’s speech.

The only times when I actually feel the presence of the immortal deity is when I am all alone thinking of nothing at all and suddenly God comes into my thoughts and I know I am connected. When I achieve my desired goals and thank God for it, I know He is listening. When I utter a random thought and it materialises, I know He is watching. I know He is there when I don’t have to limit the durations of my conversation with him to a few minutes every day.

So where is the need of a prayer? This does not mean that those who believe in the power of prayers are not right. The most subjective thing that was ever made by the creator is the belief in Him. Those who pray with a dedicated heart and soul, get the radiance from their prayer which helps them to grow, elevate, enlighten heal and survive.

For me, God resides in every soul. The Earth has a million souls. Thus it makes talking to God quite an easy thing to do. And somehow I don’t count my every hour pleas to Him regarding trivial issues of my life as prayers. They are just like talks to a friend so close, that you have a right to ask him all that you want. 😉