Will the Government Save us from another Industrial Disaster?

Posted on June 16, 2010 in Society

Radhika Ghose:

Or do they only wake up when 20,000 are Dead? Just like in the case of the Bhopal Tragedy. Everyone knew the tragedy was going to take place.

This time it is the Telecom Industry who are responsible. Not outside sources!

Today, the people and Government especially those living in Delhi and Mumbai are aware of the dangers of cell phone towers, only some prefer their own wealth over others’ health.

Whilst it is a known established fact that cell phones could cause long term damage, due to the radiation emitted from them, people say they want proof regarding the dangers of cell phone towers. Why should radiation from a single cell phone affect people, but not 100s of cell phone towers established in residential and other areas? Is the radiation from cell phone towers less than that what is emitted from a single cell phone? Something to think about!

Is the growing number of cancer patients and even deaths, of those living in High Risk areas, not enough to make the government swing into action and ban cell phone towers from residential buildings? Or ensure that the safety measures are maintained?  Or is the deteriorating health of the Citizens of these areas now a “norm” and insignificant? What will it take for the Authorities to wake up?

With over 28 cell phone towers over my own head, this issue is extremely important to the lives of myself and my grandparents. Unfortunately our Building Society is among those who place their wealth over health.

Whilst reports initially stated that the effect is on those who face cell phone towers, the Tehelka investigation cites cases in which there have been 4 cases of Cancer in 5 years, in a building which has two cell phone towers above it. Can you understand my fear? In any case relating to the other fact, we also face Regency Hotel which another report has highlighted as an extremely high risk area.

In Delhi, the affected population has been children, with almost 4/5th of the population living in high risk areas, and  in Mumbai there are a number of increasing cancer cases in high risk areas, but the building societies and authorities still need proof? There is information gathered from several articles and reports conducted internationally which provide proof. Do circulate the facts that have obviously been missed, by many!

To begin at home, other than leading newspapers who have also been creating awareness regarding this issue, Tehelka in doing what they are known to do best — Investigative Journalism and Expose’s – have covered this issue with great detail. Hence I am not going to include their findings here, but urge you all to read it not only to read about the actual cases, but also to understand what we as Citizens should be doing.

Radiation City — Delhi –http://www.tehelka.com/story_main45.asp?filename=Ne050610coverstory.asp

Radiation City 2 — Mumbai - http://www.tehelka.com/story_main45.asp?filename=Ne120610coverstory.asp

Radiation City – Bangalore And Chennai —


Whats Next ?

International Reports and Studies

A study in Germany revealed that the proportion of newly developed cancer was three times higher among those who had lived at a distance of upto 400 m from the transmitter.

The Same Article revealed a study in Israel which stated the risk of cancer was 4.15 for those living near the cell-phone transmitter compared with the entire population of Israel.


In 2005 study by Gursatej Gandhi, a researcher in the Human Genetics Department, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, found that “exposure to radio frequency (RF) signals generated by the use of cellular phones has increased dramatically and is reported to affect physiological, neurological, cognitive and behavioural changes and to induce, initiate and promote carcinogenesis

A Swedish study in 1993 demonstrated a 1.7 times higher risk of leukaemia in adults and a 2.7 times higher risk for childhood leukaemia from exposure to EMFs.

A few years back, the California Department of Health Services concluded after a seven-year study that EMF exposure is a risk factor for childhood leukaemia.


A Video Warning People to stop using Cell Phone Towers


A Kerala High Court by a doctor seeking a direction to a cell phone company preventing them from installing a telecommunication tower near his house. He stated in his petition that the telecommunication company had not bothered to inform the people about the ill-effects of putting up such a tower and hence the project be stalled.


Both the Tehelka Articles and Live India Article suggest methods and ways in which we can contact people and protect ourselves from the Radiaton. Please make sure you have a look and ensure that there is enough awareness about the Issue.

(March 12th, Mumbai Mirror)

In Mumbai, the State government appointed an expert committee to investigate hazards posed by cell phone towers a top residential has invited the public to write in about health problems they have been facing due to the presence of mobile towers.

Headed by Additional Chief Secretary (Health Services) Sharvaree Gokhale, the committee includes secretaries of other government departments, besides BARC scientists, and is to submit a report in three months, underlining new norms for such installations.

“We have met and discussed how to go about preparing our report. We have already received few complaints which will be put before the experts.

We call upon more residents to write their complaints, which we will definitely take cognizance of,” said Gokhale.

State Health Minister Suresh Shetty added, “The Delhi Municipal Corporation has established some rules and regulations for setting up mobile towers. When preparing our final report, we will definitely check out the guidelines they have recommended.”

Citizens can write to the Health Services Department at Mantralaya, drawing attention on the envelope to “Cellphone towers committee


Many of us today, were not around to spread awareness during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the older generations are repenting now. This is the time to act — please do not let us all down!

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