5 Simple Steps to Simple Living: The High Road to High Thinking

Posted on July 5, 2010 in Specials

Tarun Kothari:

1. Don’t bargain too hard:

Hard-bargained savings through auto drivers, vegetable vendors, and Local stationery shop might not influence or make much or any difference to your lifestyle but then it could mean a lot to them.

Don’t you tempt to pay excessively high for a single name (brand) that doesn’t make much a difference to its quality and comfort level compared to good indigenous goods just for the sake of the image, goodwill and luxury tag (not necessarily luxury itself!)? The same 100% cotton t-shirt costs you some Rs.300-400 more when tagged with some celebrity-endorsed, well-advertised brand. Don’t you tip off to well paid staff of some 4/5 star hotel just because the society customs demand it?

Think twice, a small act from you can make this world a better place to live in. Let not the human service-oriented part of you wake when the situation demands like a disaster or calamity, but let it be a part of your everyday living.

2. Don’t be too luxurious rather adore simple living:

All the religions embrace austerity. But then understanding the practical urban life temperament I’d only say avoid over-luxury. When the whole of the city is facing water crisis do you tend to use a bath-tub? How about whole night central air conditioning with a blanket on when the nation is facing severe electricity crisis? How about throwing away food which you took in excess amount in the first place in a nation where there is a hunger death every other second? After-all money can buy anything. But it’s the excessive utilization by the rich that increases the price of things that the unprivileged find increasingly difficult to purchase.

3. Believe/understand your religion:

Don’t just blindly believe your religious principles but understand them. I find lots of inspiration for service through spirituality. Today’s science and technology dominated world might not see any logic and reasoning in it but I believe that it’s not that religion is illogical but science is too young to understand it and so is our wisdom’s maturity.

4. Through social sites:

Spread the cause! Discuss, support and appreciate. One click and awareness to hundreds.

5. Be the change you wish to make in the world. (- Mahatma Gandhi)

Take up a particular cause that interests you the most. Busy with your work? Try allocating just few hours a week. Let it be one of the goals of your life. Believe me it’s going to be the most beautiful part of you. Goole up relevant charities pertaining to your specific social interests. Fund, volunteer and spread!

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