Admission to Engineering College: 6 Essential Dos and Donts

Posted on July 13, 2010 in Education

By Joydeep Sanyal:

There is a phase in life when we are clueless or very confused as to what would be our next step . Taking admission to colleges is certainly a decision which has to be taken with utmost seriousness as your future highly depends on what you select now. Many students aspire to be a good engineer. However the choices in front of them will surely make their heads spinning as to what would be the best choice for the, which college to chose, which stream to choose etc. Having faced a similar dilemma before, here I list all the do’s and don’t’s on how to choose correctly :

DOs :

  1. Choose your branch according to your wish :  Some students are confused as to whether to go for a good college or your favourite stream. Apart from IIT’s and a very few colleges, it is a blunder to choose a stream which you don’t like as you might lose your interest in engineering while studying it. It’s always advisable to select the stream which you like. Apart from the best colleges in India, the level of teaching and facilities are the same almost everywhere.
  2. Get to know the placement record : Although most colleges brag of a 100% placement record, you can be assured that the scenario is not so. Students are hardly placed in good jobs and so a thorough research of the placement records of the college by contacting seniors or via other means is advisable. In the age of the internet everything is possible .
  3. Seek greener pastures outside your own state : Sometimes your home state might not have excellent colleges. Hence if you want to shape your career, it is advisable to go to other states for studying engineering as the no of good colleges is very high in Maharashtra , Tamil Nadu and West Bengal and the regions around Delhi .


  1. Don’t blindly go by what you see in the magazines : During this time, almost all the magazines publish their list of top colleges. Do not blindly follow them as they have misleading information on many occasions.
  2. Facilities : Looking into the facilities is surely a priority but it should be lower down in the priority list. It is better to go to a good college with a good teaching environment rather than going to a college charging exorbitant fees and giving good facilities that is not able to deliver quality education .
  3. Don’t fall into peer pressure or parental pressure : Sometimes it is impossible to neglect these issues but it is advisable you simply do not follow what has been instructed to you. Take time and make your own decision. It’s your life after all .

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.