AIESEC Delhi University is recruiting

Posted on July 27, 2010 in Events

Present in over 107 countries and territories across the globe, activating leadership in more than 1,700 Universities, AIESEC has been recognised as the World’s largest youth run organisation, whose international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. Using an innovative approach, and building up on its extensive personal networks, it explores leadership opportunities so as to engage the youth and provide them an international forum to assist discover their direction, and their ambitions for the future.

Today, after more than 60 years of existence, AIESEC facilitates 5,500 international intern ships annually, delivers over 470 conferences and and offers 7,700 leadership roles to its membership of over 50,000 students. It is comprised of students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education.

AIESEC in Delhi University, one of the oldest Local Chapters in India, recruits a diverse team of students from the best academic institutions in the city, for example Lady Sri Ram, St. Stephens, Sri Ram College of Commerce, Hindu etc , and hosts a multifarious selection of events over the year. The chapter has more than a 120 members who each day work to strive on overcoming challenges the world faces today thereby learning, growing, developing and becoming more global in thought, vision and perception

With a new enthusiastic bunch of freshers hitting colleges, it is time for AIESEC Delhi University’s August recruitment. Every year AIESEC DU recruits its members twice a year from some of the best DU colleges. From SRCC to LSR, Amity and Pearl, student from diverse backgrounds apply to experience the world of opportunities that AIESEC has to offer.

“Six months into AIESEC and I’m already on a leadership position. The organization has helped me channel my potential in a positive direction,” said Daniel Nazareth, recruited in the February of 2010.

After a successful February recruitment, with over 900 forms sold and a bunch of 65 smart savvy recruits selected after a long cycles of group discussion, team activities and personal interviews, AIESEC Delhi university is looking forward to a bigger, better & legendary recruitment this August.

To apply please visit: