Because You Are Awesome!

Posted on July 13, 2010 in Health and Life

By Snigdha Seksari:

Come on and stop for a second to shake your head, dust yourself off, and look back at how far you’ve come.

Some crushing lows slapped you and smacked you around. There were times your heart dipped and you squinted back tears while your stomach squeezed so tightly you couldn’t sleep. There were moments you walked around in a glossy-eyeball daze –

When loved ones hurt,

Friends didn’t stay,

Or someone dear to your heart

Slowly drifted away.

Sleepless nights,

Stressful nights,

Blank computer screens,

And terrible fights

You were feeling

And you were dealing

And you were reeling

And you were healing.

But as you walked your hard path down your long and bumpy road some little drops of confidence dripped like coffee into your head and into your heart. As you stumbled and got back up a quiet inner strength slowly seeped into your bones. And as you climbed over obstacles set in your way some relaxed satisfaction and growing self-awareness glimmered like bright lights at the bottom of your stomach.

Yes, it all changed you and grew you in so many ways you don’t even feel or notice yet.

As you struggled you empathized

As you slipped you understood

As you worked you earned

As you looked you learned

As you dared you grew

And as you jumped you flew.

Your dreams are still focusing

And your passion is growing.

Your energy is still bubbling

And your story keeps going.

You’ve been through so much and gained experience along the way. You’re stronger than before and stronger than you realize.

Sure, there were times you bent,

But you definitely didn’t break.

There were times you caved,

But you definitely didn’t flake.

You got bigger, you got better,

In more ways than one.

So stop for a second today to smile

And look back at everything you’ve done…

Everything you’ve seen…

Everywhere you’ve been…

You’ve taken more illegal naps

And had more blurry-eyed late nights.

You’ve danced to more songs

And smiled at more beautiful sights.

You’ve seen more scorching sunsets

And laughed like crazy all along

You’ve tripped a few times,

But, you kept rolling right along.

Yes, you’ve hugged more old friends

And met some brand new pretty faces.

You’ve cheered more on the sidelines

And visited some brand new pretty places.

You tasted more meals,

You got more deals,

And you’ve sniffed more flower blossoms.

And you made it all the way through because ::

You’re so completely AWESOME!

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