Blogging: The Parallel Journalism

Posted on July 3, 2010

Shhravya Rav:

Blog is a medium of expression. It gives voice to the untold and a platform to the unheard. Be it social activists, poets, actors, journalists, travel writers, authors or the big ones from music to science, everybody is into blogging these days.

A blog derives its name from web log. A blog is an online space that is managed by individual(s). Blogs usually provide information about a particular subject (niche). It is more like a commentary on a given subject. Some even function as online personal journal and one is least expected to find matters of relevance in such types of blogs.

Blogs allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with space as no constraint. Space and length are no deterrents for a blogger. Some hardcore bloggers see it as a way to bond with the world.

The thing about blogging is the personal tone attatched to it. In media houses, there are certain regulations laid down which a journalist has to adhere to. But, on blogs, there are no such restraints. Journalism combined with your personal views on a matter can spice up your article.

The Rathergate scandal/60 minute scandal in which presenter Dan Rather presented faulty documents of the Former US President Bush’s military service record had become the defining point in the world of blogs since, it was the Bloggers who had declared that the documents presented were fake and owing to pressure from all quarters, the CBS apologized for its wrong and unethical journalism. This, by many is viewed as the real advent of blogs as the newest form of journalism.

Since then, blogging has in itself become a new form of mass-media. Another important aspect of blogging is that it is interactive. Readers can leave a comment and this interaction helps enrich both the blogger and the reader ultimately enhancing the content. It is a two way process in which everybody learns, and grows.

Many argue that a blogger and a journalist connot be regarded as being equal. A blogger, many opine, provides one with the information he presumes to be correct. Political blogs debate and decide the future of a political movement, or a candidate. One blogs whatever comes to one’s mind without evaluating the pros and cons of it. Many a time this has resulted in unforeseen reversals and defamation especially when one is blogging about political campaigns or celebrities. A blog is all about sharing what you know and journalism is simply about what people ought to know. There is a stark difference between both of them but, in recent times the lines between them seem to blur.

Blogging has come to be a part and parcel of journalism. It has joined the main stream media. It has also grown mature and responsible over the years.

For instance we have The Huffington Post which is popularly known as the internet newspaper and covers almost everything that happens around the world. Likewise there are Mashable and Gizmodo which blog about social media and all the latest gadgets, respectively. Another big one is Gawker which is considered as the most successful company in the blog-oriented journalism. The objectivity which is the foundational word in journalism is slowly finding its way in the blogger’s dictionary, however, it is yet to emerge as a powerful and inherent quality.

Now, here comes the question – Are blogs the new journalism? Are bloggers journalists? What do you think? Drop in a message below or mail us at

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