Book Review: Simple Things Make Luv, by Komal Thakur

Posted on July 15, 2010

By Shubh Bansal:

A magnificent plot; an essence of thrill and with uncertainty of what-would-happen-next, it leaves you baffled at every single page. You get so involved in it that you can’t stop reading till the last page in just one go. It includes several issues – some sensitive enough to make you cry, some baffling enough to make you believe, some romantic enough to make you feel the aura yourself. The author has brilliantly included present socials ethos and turmoil in the life of a young lady niti.

Yogi a film director enjoying all the delights of life – money, power and a beautiful loving wife – tasted the bitterness of life when his wife suddenly vanishes, leaving just a note saying that she doesn’t want to be traced and that Yogi has to forget her forever. Initially it sounded like a joke to him because he never gave his wife, in 12 years of marriage, any reason to take such a drastic step. It took him a little time to admit that she has really left him. With such a blow on his face he put his career on stake and decided to find his wife no matter what it may cost him.

With a lawyer friend he ventures into a thrilling journey which would make this blow look tiny. He finds so many dark secrets that no husband in this world would like to know about his wife. He finds out that he is totally ignorant about his wife including her real name which is not Niti but Kinnari.

Kinnari had no interest in going to college. She drank, smoked, worked in a call-centre and wanted to live life as simply as possible. Though outwardly against love, her only secret desire was to fall in love and when she does, life plays a game with her. Yogi finds out about the man she had loved, married and left in order to start a life with him.

All these blows make him feel more and more vulnerable. Still unable to find her and still enduring blows it makes him feel that this journey would never end.

But in the end when Kinnari meets Yogi there was still a lot to go. She was on a journey to find her old lover. Yogi decided to help her wife to find her ex-lover and it ended when they found his dead body. Yet story doesn’t ends here. What did they decide for future? What happened to Kinnari later?

The rest of the book keeps going deeper and deeper until you find yourself tangled with it.

I would give 7/10 to this. A must read for all youngsters. It would glue you until you end up it in a single night. Heartily congratulations to author Komal Thakur for such an enthralling novel.