Entertainment Revamped: Game Consoles

Posted on July 18, 2010 in Sci-Tech

By Anushri Mondal:

Entertainment just got a new look! Try the new, innovative video Game consoles. The time when video Game consoles were associated with young children, is an age that has gone by. In contemporary times, both the young and the old take an active interest in such games.

The number of options before us, for both technology and entertainment, has increased to such a degree, that one has to think a number of times before making a final choice about either. One can purchase these smart new Video Game Consoles online, following a thorough research of such mediums of entertainment. Because of the recent social as well as technological advancements, it is but natural that the world of entertainment will also see a makeover. Hence, the video game consoles, in their new avatar, have passed from the hands of kids to the hands of adults.

The three primary kinds of game consoles are Play stations, Wii and the PSP (Play Station Portable). Now, exactly what one shall opt for, depends on individual preference, interests and age. Each of the consoles has their own share of advantages and disadvantages, so it really depends upon the individual to decide what suits him best.

Those who love to travel and stay outdoors mostly prefer the use of PSUs. Such people find PSUs more convenient as they are transportable. The graphics used are also quite satisfactory and the quality of games matches ones leave expectations.

The Wii is suitable for children within the age group of 8 to 12. It is advisable for children below this age group, not to handle these games. Of course, adults can use it, if they want to. The most attractive feature of Wii is not their graphics but their controllers. The controllers are intuitive; therefore, not much time is required for the user to learn the twist and the turns of a game.

The third and most attractive Game consoles are the Play stations. These are most in demand, and a huge number of fans endorse them. The primary advantage of a Play station is that one can not only games of very high quality but also can watch Blue-ray movies of a high definition. A hard disc is provided with all the Play stations. All these features have made the Play station famous with the gaming consoles lovers. Such devices are not wide and many. Therefore, those who possess a Play station take a lot of pride in their possession!

With the super fast evolution of technology and the technical gadgets along with it, the video game consoles are improving in accord with the speed of technology. The upgrading of the markets with newer versions of such gaming consoles is therefore, a very frequent piece of news these days. With the improved features and additional advantages, the Play station 2, the successor of Play station, the old version has become quite popular in the hands of the kids and teenagers. It is presently the most advanced form of video games and the young and old alike, find it very interesting and enjoyable. This magic machine makes the individuals using it; visit the fantasy world for a small change.

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.