Eve-teasing: Weed Out Now to prevent a “Covered-up” future

Posted on July 16, 2010 in Society

By Aashna Gandhi:

Whilst France is talking of putting a ban on wearing the burkha in France, I think the Indian Parliament should raise the issue that burkha’s should worn compulsorily by all Indian women. As retarded as it sounds I think it is a must. With the mere exception of a few places and a few men, most of them are evil. With their one viscous look, they manage to make a woman feel dirty. In case she has worn anything a little less in length or sleeveless, then aha! Then men adore her in such a manner that with a mere glimpse only the women feels molested! And when the men stare, grin, sing loudly and try to feel the women, basically do everything to make her uncomfortable and scared, I’d call it rape. Well I do know this is called eve-teasing but the reason why I’m using these harsh words is because today no one does anything about this commonly committed crime. It is a crime which must be forgotten as though nothing has happened. It is a crime which must not be spoken about. It is a crime where the victim must compromises and moves away whilst the guilty moves about freely! What a wonderful way of justice in a democratic country! Today these who probably begin their journeys as eve-teasers may be tomorrow’s molesters or day afters rapist. If a criminal is not cut from his malafide intentions in his bud he will bloom to be nothing but a nasty man or criminal. Men who cannot respect other women will never respect their own women. I cannot even imagine what kind of a family would be able to raise. How will they treat their wives, daughters, girlfriends, female colleagues and other women in their lives.

Here I shall not sit and appeal to the government to make laws but I shall ask them to make sure to enact the laws made. I will not appeal to the police to be prompt when a complaint is made but I will request them to be alert before a women has to go through such torture. It may sound unrealistic but it is possible with the help of a strong set of laws and a stable and active police force. The laws shouldn’t be ideal ones which are only written, they should so rigid that they would give goosebumps to a man before he even thinks of eve-teasing. The laws must also be enforced and supported by our police by a very solid strategy in which they are capable of punishing those found guilty. Last but not the least it is you as an individual who can make the maximum difference by supporting a woman who is being eve teased. Even if it means going out of your way and sparing five minutes out of your busy schedule to help her. Raise your voice, take help of the crowd around and let’s get justice done to all the women who are being eve teased every now and then but are helpless and cannot do anything. Every individual makes a difference. If we do not work towards this the day is not far where every second or probably even every millisecond a women is raped. That time the only solution the government will have is to order every woman or even a female child to wear a burkha for her safety while moving about. Even as I am writing this article, I am giving cold angry looks to two men in the bus, who are molesting me with their stares and indefinite number of grins.