Great Power Brings Greater Responsibility

Posted on July 23, 2010 in Politics

By Gitanjali Maria:

Majority of the people tend to shrink from responsibility but would still like to see themselves at the helm of all affairs, dictating terms and occupying strategic positions. Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the honourable Railway Minister of India is no exception. Ever since she took over the reins of railways, the organization employing the largest number of people in India, its state has pretty much gone from average to much below average. The recent Uttarbanga – Vanachal train collision is the seventh train accident during the 14 months of her tenure and she seems to be the least perturbed. More than 400 lives have been lost during this period by this means of transport that ferries a very large percentage of the Indian population across the length and breadth of the country every day.

It is true, that with greater power comes much greater responsibility. However, this remark seems to go against the ways of most of the Indian politicians who prefer to remain idle and nonchalant even while occupying great positions of power. Seeking votes and managing petty politics seems to have higher priority on the agenda of the honorable Railway Minister than in improving the condition of the railways. Her absenteeism from the administrative capital during important meetings and discussions indicate clearly that her priorities lie elsewhere. Her lackluster attitude towards the better interests of her department can once again paralyse the great Indian Railways that is just still on the path of recovery and making profits.

Indian politicians often tend to forget that India is a democratic nation where people have the choice to select their representative, and recollect this fact only when an election is approaching. A politician or a portfolio holder is nothing but a servant of the society who has the responsibility and duty to sort out the problems of the citizens and to help in the growth of the nation in every necessary aspect. The beating up of the security guard at the Indian Express office at Pune by a petty politician just because the guard asked for gate entry information shows the temerity and cheek of politicians who consider themselves above the realms of the law and order of the country.

Politics should not be just fiery speeches or rath yatras, but true service to the nation and its people with dedication and devotion, with a vision and a mission to put India on the list of developed nations.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.