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Lead Yourself by the Horns: Thoughts That Lead You!

Posted on July 10, 2010 in Specials

By Anirudh Rao:

There are lots of books that focus on leadership qualities. But this is an age when people believe in freedom and think that they can live life in their own way. It’s not like we have lost faith in our leaders, it’s more to do with our individual ignorance and arrogance. We hate it when we are told what to do. But there are times in everyone’s life when we badly need advice or guidance. A team without a leader is like a team without a sense of direction According to the dictionary, one who leads is a leader. A leader can be a motivator or a role-model or even your teacher!

A leader may also be the person you think about when you are in desperate need for help or a miracle. Yes, there is no better leader than God. When you need to know an answer to a question in your mind, most of the times the answer will suddenly strike you when you least expect it. How and why does that happen? The power of God is beyond a literary definition and hence assumed to be negligible by the educated. It’s your heart which decides what to do, your mind can only tell you how to do something. When your mind influences your decisions, it means that there is something wrong. During these situatons, a terrible need for support and guidance is felt. And the one who supports and guides you during these moments is your guru/leader. But during other times you are your leader. The greatest and the commonest of people around the world share a common belief that prayers work under two conditions. The 1st condition is that it should be totally unselfish and for others even when you are helpless. The 2nd condition is that a prayer should come from the deepest point of your heart with pure intentions. The faith in prayers have diminished due to reasons unknown. Prayers are the purest of thoughts which work when all the seemingly logical thoughts fail you.

During a marathon race involving 10 athletes, given that 2 of them had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs, chances are that a few more than those 2 athletes will go on to break the world record. Obviously, the other athletes are unaware of the fact that the leaders in the race are drugged. The other athletes also raise their bar. The idea of limitation exists only when we think about it. The men who fear failure, fail a lot more. Successful are those who do their duty with total sincerity and they never think about the result of their work while they are busy doing them. Failure lies in fear! In soccer, the team having the best players is not always successful. The team having more belief in itself and which is guided by a motivational manager wins more often.

‘Any form of pleasure is temporary’. The first emotions regarding this thought will be that of sadness, however you will be level-headed in dealing with triumphs and upsets only when you come to terms with this idea. It’s imposssible to be permanently satisfied with your life unless you have got a permanent goal. Permanent goal is a far-fetched idea in today’s ever changing world. It is still possible if you have found yourself your guru for the rest of your life. Your aspirations are the key. It decides the course of your life. Temptations and desires are a part of everyone’s life. The way to overcome them is too simple to be true. All that you got to do is to do your duty, that is, do what your heart says is right. The only reason this is not that easy is because we are humans. No other creature is faced with as many complexities in a single life! It is important to search for your true leader and trust your heart.The willingness to change and the lack of fear are the factors that makes our youngsters better leaders. Change is possible and achievable only when you yourself are the change!

The writer is a correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.