Let Them Live in Peace

Posted on July 7, 2010 in Media

By Tanaya Singh:

“Happy B’day captain….May you live a long and a successful life”.

7th July: On the 29th birth anniversary of Indian cricket team captain M.S.Dhoni, we have a swarm of gleeful fans moving towards his residence in Ranchi looking forward to have a glimpse at the birthday boy and his newly wedded wife. A lot of newspapers dedicated a page to the man with a listing of his glorious victories and a few things about his life.  Everybody is happy and that’s it.

Now what is the problem if we have it just this way? Why did we have to encounter the following scene….?

3rd July: As if there had been a blast somewhere in the country, every news channel suddenly came up with the same breaking news…. “Dhoni being engaged to his childhood friend Sakshi”….and this went on and on incessantly until the next day when he got married and also for a few more days when some other events took place in his life that were captured by the camera in bits and pieces.

Why is it considered a crime if a celebrity has the desire to get married in peace and quiet, in the company of one’s family and friends, with no heedless interruption from outside? We are living in an era, where flipping through the news channels appears to be nothing less than a spicy Bollywood movie with all its pomp and show. On one of the channels we had an hour discussion on the family background of the girl who stole away the most eligible bachelor in the Indian team. Another half an hour was dedicated to a discussion with an astrologist about how would the married life of Sakshi and Mahi turn out in the near future. Then we had the reporters’ chit-chatting with everybody who knows Dhoni or let’s say everybody whom Dhoni “saw” back at school. Amidst all these we had to bear the only footage  available with the channel which showed a glimpse of the captain while he walked behind a glass door in his hotel at Dehradun over and over again. The next day was all about him getting married in a “blue” sherwani with Sakshi in a “red” dress. The day he went to meet Rahul Gandhi and take his wishes, we had the channels speculating whether the caption will or will not join politics. Because contact with the newlyweds was difficult, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were boomed with calls, messages and tweets from everywhere. This is what we call hilarious.

When will we quit trying to be a part of the personal lives of celebs, sportsman, politicians and everybody else who is part of the glam sham world? Get a life man!

Marriages of all the known people have always been big news. (Celebrities try to keep it a hush in order to avoid the crowd of fans that is sure to congregate outside the location if the word is out). Other than that, digging out secrets of their live is also one of the major attractions these days.

According to an article actress Angelina Jolie, slept with her mother’s boyfriend when she was 16…. The first man Celina Jaitley fell in love with was a gay….John F. Kennedy’s wife had an affair with her brother-in-law….people still want to know what was the relationship between Jawaharlal Nehru and Edwina, wife of Lord Mountbatten…..

Talks like these appear to be mere gossip and not news. Everybody has the right to keep their secrets to themselves, no matter how famous they are. All of us have a few things that we like keeping to ourselves. Some stones are always better left unturned. If celebrities want to go public about their personal life, they will. What’s the big deal? A hell lot of more important things are going around in the world. Who has the time to be interested in the cost of someone’s wedding dress?

And if you have time to be enthusiastic about the next gossip on air….please try and do something more constructive. Watch the advertisements….a much better time pass for sure. Because if we keep on giving fuel to such blabbering and chaffer, there is no way this will ever stop. So instead of peeping over other’s fences, try and make your own garden beautiful….even if the other side of the fence has a multimillion dollar garden and it’s full of shutterbugs.

image courtesy: http://im.rediff.com/cricket/2009/sep/02mahi.jpg