Let’s Rename Friday — “EARTHDAY”

Posted on July 29, 2010 in Specials

By Priyanka Pani:

I just had an epiphany. And no, like all great discoveries and innovations, this wasn’t borne out of severe distress and an urge to change the world as I know it. Rather, it happened as I sat scowling at my laptop screen, reading an article proclaiming that “Earth Day” is suddenly the most awaited “Day” in our calender. That the sense of satisfaction and do-goodness experienced by the writer was so profound that he could hardly wait to go green again. So, instead of perhaps taking a walk in the neighbourhood or catching up on some reading, our friend decided to spend precious time on his PC/laptop, raving about earth day and happily clocking some carbon footprints (something yours’ truly is equally guilty of).

Now, that article may have been written in all earnestness, but it got me a) scowling, and b) thinking.There’s no taking away from the fact that Earth Day is a big step towards reducing the burden on our overstretched planet. For people the world over to decide to get planet-friendly, even if for just a day, is definitely victory for Earth. But, that makes it 1 day of being all pally with Earth, and 364 days of being the meanest bully you can be. The worst part is, we aren’t intentional bullies. We’ve learnt to live that way for so long, that now it probably, unfortunately, is the only way we know how to live. And the majority of us do our bit, wherever possible, towards showering some concession on our uncomplaining host, Earth. We need ALL of us to join in. And before our still-hospitable host decides that we’ve overstretched our stay. All these doomsday-like thoughts gave birth to my afore-mentioned epiphany – how about renaming one day of the week, my choice being Friday, as Earth Day??

That would make it an average of 52 Earth Days annually, and depending on popular demand, the offer could be extended to more than once a week! Since time immemorial, generation upon generation has been cursing the bloke who came up with the concept of a two-day weekend. Talk of being unpopular. So, in my quest for eternal popularity for generations to come (silly Hitler, poor chap must be wishing he’d thought of this.. :P), I propose a three-day weekend, the first of which being Earth Day, followed by Saturday and Sunday. I wouldn’t toy with those two biggies, that would be blasphemy. So, after a long, grueling week, you have Earth Day for both you and your planet to cool off. Catch up on sleep and family, have friends over for lunch at your place — basically, make the most of the natural world around you. So once your batteries are charged and raring to go, make the most of the rest of your weekend in whatever way best enjoyed by you. Just make sure you don’t reverse the climate-good done by you. The aim is to balance it out, so that you can review you week with the one following word — fulfilling. That both your self-conscience as well as your climate/earth-conscience are assuaged. I appeal to you, fellow earthlings — let’s make us and our very charitable host happy here, shall we? All those in favor of Friday becoming the new Earth Day — spread the message, and get ready to reap the goodwill of our successors!