Posted on July 15, 2010

By Arijit Paladhi:

Life is unfair. Some are born rich. Some are poor. Healthy. Sick. We don’t choose, we don’t get a say. That’s why the game of life is dicey and that why I say: Live. Love. Laugh.

Section LOVE:

In a game of cards, a guy lost 5 straight hands. His friend consoled him by saying: “Well. You know what they say – Unlucky at cards, lucky in love.”
The guy glowered at him and said: “Oh yea? I’m pushing 35 and am still single.”
“Well, there you go.”

Love can make you or break you. Have you noticed that success invariably comes faster to the man whom your wife almost married? Or maybe that’s just me who thinks so. Love according to me exeeds the preset definitions of yore. It’s succulence is heady when it hits, the hormones go berserk and you see the world in a mystic myriad of hues that push the envelope till it engulfs you. More often than not, love can propel you to heights you thought was unrealisable.

Do what you love. Love what you do. The world will be your oyster. Love someone, something, a girl, a friend, your job, your hobby, a game of soccer, a walk in the rain, holding the hand of someone you love, an infant’s smile, a Sooraj Barjatya movie.

Yea sorry. The last one ain’t easy. My apologies, madame and sire. All I am saying is that love and health are interwined in the quietest of bonds. Think positive and enjoy the days till they last.

Section LAUGH:

It’s amazing how it can increase your vitality. Look at Navjot Sidhu. Just look at him when he laughs. He aims to bring down the roof, the building, the skies, the galaxies with his laugh that most probably leaves his trachea screaming in agony and his heart in duress. I like him precisely for that reason. He laughs with abandon, a carefree, freewheeling laugh that brings a smile to my face (out of exasperation mostly).

Laughter is an emotion that eases the blows of life. The heavens know we need it. There are no two ways about it. A burst smile can be the biggest stress buster you have. It’s inexpensive and it’s effective than most of the medicines put together, prescribed or unofficial. Humor shifts the perspective, inducing a domino effect of joy and amusement. If we go scientific, a surge of laughter, triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals which promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

Even on a layman’s terms, we know how contagious a roaring laughter can be, more than any cough or sneeze. Learn to laugh at yourself and you will be amazed how benign the world turns out to be. Laughter is what humanity has against each other. Use it effectively.

P.S.- Don’t use it sparingly. Let it out and see how your health and lifestyle graph heads North-bound.

Section LIVE:

The four letters can alter your life if you know how effectively they can tune you up.

1.Lead your life.
2.Live your life.

Which one would you choose? Right from the word go, most would choose the second option. Why? Sounds better. Definitely. Also because most have a definitive if a corroded idea of what it means. Living is different from leading; and infinitesimally more easy if you enjoy what you do. The price of living is what you pay for loving and laughing. If you can do the remaining two, you have mastered my “Art of Living”. Cheers to your health!!

P.S.- Save the cheers for sometime special.

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