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Long Live Democracy?

Posted on July 5, 2010 in Specials

By Pratik Ganatra:

Don’t you think democracy is the most hypocritical terms introduced by our past leaders? Just look at our country. Some unauthorized self-proclaimed leaders announce “BHARAT BANDH” and we, like chickens have to oblige them. But what else can we do? I just checked the news and saw a man bleeding just because he dared to travel in a bus which was stoned later! Now the days have become such that we are suppose to be scared of such kind of people shown in the image below.

I guess we all know for whom these people are working. It is just that we don’t really trust our government to protect us if we dare to go against these people. And how can we trust them? We don’t know what kind of political opportunity is awaiting them through this so called INDIA STRIKE!

I have one question pertaining to this strike. If this strike is called for fighting inflation exactly how is a strike going to control inflation?

Closing all the business on the prime working day of the week would definitely result in losses of 1000s of crores of rupees. This might end up in further price hike. Our so-called beneficial leaders are definitely aware of this. It just looks like a stunt to prove that they rule even though they are not a ruling party. It just proves that anybody can play with our country and mould us in any way they want.

We, people consider Qasab as our prime enemy. But what about these thugs in white clothes? They are like termites who are help bent in eating our country and looking at current circumstances , they might succeed as well.

We have to do something against them. The thugs these people hire wont more than the entire population. Rising against these people and expressing our views and disgust will definitely result for better future. I have expressed my voice in here. And I hope I am able to help you come out with your inner voice as well!

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