Not the Masters of Destiny? Let’s Be the Masters of Will

Posted on July 10, 2010 in Health and Life

By Irfan Mohamed:

Pitching a subject to the highest levels of scrutiny and fame pulls people closer to it. Momentarily. Like the flies buzzing around stale food till it’s crossed the stage of stale-ness. And that’s how markets and stocks are born; fueling the need to need a certain commodity when something else is in its heyday.

Would anyone have ever imagined, betting and scaling a team’s success at football would depend on an animal. Or a mollusk rather. When first heard, it seemed like the piece of news usually seen in a corner in magazines or so. Blimey, little later did the hugeness of Paul Octopus strike. It has been stealing the spotlight ever since the FIFA world cup grew up.

And so, examples varied one can quote. The branching off begins to other fields establishing the essence of the flavor that started Stage 1. Unconsciously, people tend to bob their heads towards the stream of flow and find themselves laid away somewhere else like coconuts on a foreign beach.

That’s with the Media and the Mass. Mass Media, as far as history has known never served to serve justice to all classes. It was more like a business in a different art form and establishment. And off it thrives, wickedly.

Laying out food to hungry news eaters. And laying it down perfectly and decoratively that they don’t take it as the hook that is going to take away their senses. They float on it. Unquestioningly.

Like playing tune on the Pied Piper’s flute, playing it all along and pulling up rats from every hole. Attention. The whole world gives it away.

Why can’t we be the master’s of our own thought and notion? Letting free the childhood anthems that we used to celebrate and play with. Asking questions and demanding apt answers; answers properly chewable without any hidden pebble. Naught nodding our head to opinions and principles laid down in front of us. Make yourselves one, no matter how aged you might be, cause self respect is the only attribute you can always hold on to.

And as long as we don’t realize the importance of speaking up for ourselves, the dictators shall grow and the “ourselves” shall perish.