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PhotoNama: Our New Photo Journal Section [Introductory Journal – Delhi Wired]

Posted on July 8, 2010 in PhotoNama

Youth — a term that symbolises you, us, change, dynamism, and much more. Youth Ki Awaaz has been trending on the youth in a dedicated fashion for the past over 2 years. As we are growing, with us is growing the strength and determination of the young generation. Our anticipation is turning to reality.

When a nation decides that yes, change is what we need, there is nothing that can stop it. From writing compelling content to building innovative campaigns, YKA has seen almost all shades of the youth, and today is the time to launch another shade, a new one.

As another way of voicing oneself, YKA presents forth PhotoNama, our all new photo-journalism section that aims at providing a platform for the youth to express themselves via photos. This section will have spontaneous and well thought-of reactions of the young contributors, off any frame that captures a slice of life.

This fortnightly section aims at promoting photography as a new medium of expression regardless of the fact that you are clicking via your pro cam or your camera phone! So bring it on and let the pixels say a thousand words!

To join us as a photo-journalist please drop us an email with a few sample photographs at

Introductory Journal: Delhi Wired

PHOTOGRAPHER: Bhoomika Arora, Photo Journalist, Youth Ki Awaaz.






Do comment, your comments will support us and help us produce better and many more photo journals in the near future.

To join us as a photo-journalist please drop us an email with a few sample photographs at