So the question is – What is the purpose of sports?

Posted on July 16, 2010 in Sports

By Asabi Rawlins:

I was formerly of the belief that the purpose of sporting activities was for the greater good of mankind. Among the many advantages of sports would be that – Involvement in sports has innumerable health benefits – Sports is a great source of entertainment for many individuals – Some sports allow for cognitive development and greater articulation of analytical and communicating skills – Lastly, sports have the incredible power to unite individuals.

Sadly, as is the routine with many good elements of society we have chosen to corrupt many elements, resulting in severe compromises of integrity, impartiality and honesty in the world of sports. Many key stakeholders have sold out for financial gains, many sportsmen and women knowingly choose to take banned substances, matches are rigged, players forsake true loyalties for a bigger payday and we, the spectators foolishly argue, fight and encourage disunity among ourselves simply because we support different teams.

Seemingly, many of us have forgotten the true purpose of sports. Throughout history, its development has paralleled that of human development; many sophisticated techniques have been introduced along the way; technologies have been integrated into activities and smarter methods of operation have come on stream. Yet, in this modern society some attempt to stagnate the advancement of sport with their corrupt, indecent practices. Morality is an essential component of sport and in my opinion many individuals forget that.

I have also realised that one of the main causes for the many problems is that everyone wants to be the winner. The reality is that in any game, there is always a winner and a loser so to speak. But winning cannot and must not be our sole motivator. Therefore, we must all seriously consider and remember why sports really are important. When we truly recognise the value of the varied sporting activities which exist we will be able to appreciate the games better. A true sense of sportsmanship, and all the virtues and positive qualities with which it is associated, can then be fostered in every one of us.