Start-up Young. Here’s Why?

Posted on July 7, 2010

By Sreekanth A:

What’s the right time to start a business? This question baffles most of the people. Right time can be viewed as “the time” when one can tranquilize the dragons of worry and fear. Meaning, no constraints hinder them to go on with their dream innovations. Every person has to select a period when all these unnecessary headaches have crumbled away.

Larry page and Sergey Bin, who don’t need any introduction, are the founders of Google. How did they succeed in their venture? They started right from college, at an early age, when they were just 21. It took a long time to make their start-up a lucrative business. But the only advantage is that they din’t put any cap on their thoughts; they ventured into everything for making their dreams  come to reality. They never thought about profits and money aspects as they didn’t need much to suffice their burdens. Their first income was to their satisfaction in achieving the success. Now they are at the zenith of E-World.

The story of the Google founders connotes what is crucial. Yes, the main deciding factor for any start-up to be a prosperous one, that is AGE. Creative thought, innovation and the tenacity are the major prerequisites for any start-up if we put aside the monetary aspects, because Entrepreneurship does not mean to invent new things but to find new ways to run the existing things. A young mind can do wonders with these things. A person in his/her 20’s and 30’s is more expeditious than in his/her 40’s and 50’s. On the other hand, with age, one’s responsibilities also rise. These are the necessities without which life is a total destruction.

Starting up young puts a lot less at stake. It makes sure that the entrepreneur does not lose a lot. When we are young we are dynamic and ready to face all possible challenges and risks. Apart from these one has to learn from experience. A young person can easily assimilate things and doesn’t get easily depressed by the previous losses. But for a person, who has taken entrepreneurship after a job, he might face a complete contrast. If their profit is lesser than their previous income they might think of it as a total loss, instead of thinking about the future prosperity of business. The cases can surely be different in case of pursuing one’s passion as an entrepreneurial venture. Nothing is possible overnight; everybody knows this but sometimes can’t get the right meaning.

So going to a job with a previous entrepreneurial background is bliss, but it can’t be reciprocated. Right from the college, starting a business helps to huddle together with like-minded people. It also helps to improve their confidence and abilities to cope with different aspects. It not only helps as a snazzy outfit but gives protection like armour.

A start-up is an innovation which is created by your full passion, so you put your full efforts in that, but a job is working for a company or others’ passion which can’t cajole us for long time.

So stop doodling and start working on your DREAM.

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