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“Striving for a solution to inflation by bharat bandh is only a feigned act”

Posted on July 7, 2010 in Specials

By Shubh Bansal:

Opposition parties assembled to impose a countrywide strike against inflation on 5th July with a motive of doing justice on behalf of the common man. We all agree that inflation is crippling the society to the core but this question always bobble the mind. Is striking the only solution for it?

Talking about turning India into a world-class country and on back stage doing such creepy stuff which put no ameliorative effect. Who will answer for the loss of Rs 13000cr (acc to FICCI) in a single day? Isn’t it a total political stunt? Impelling people to shut down their shops forcefully. Jamming the traffic, roadways in the name of common man & inflicting pain on society itself. Is this the way to ask for a solution?

On 5th July, I myself witnessed an altercation in which some guys with hockey sticks bullied a shopkeeper to pull down the shutter. And when he resisted they deliberately dragged him out on the road and locked the shop. What kind of strike is this in which you are hiring some nasty local thugs and forcing people to stay crouched in their houses and then bragging about how successful it is. Isn’t our right of freedom being violated here?

Well it’s little bit ambiguous here. What I feel is opposition parties joined hands only for the turmoil; agitation was indeed a basic reason not the need of a solution to inflation. Implicating a negative image of the existing government to count on for the next elections sounds quite rational on the part of opposing parties. Isn’t it?

Playing disgusting games and burning confounding images in the minds of society thinking it would help to blow out the existing government?

Every single educated mind knows that inflation is something which is not controlled by governing body but they can only put a check on it that to up to a limited extent. When price of the commodities in world market itself are towering new heights how is the government not supposed to increase prices. The commodities are still subsidized in India. Even great mind of opposing party themselves knows that economy is not equilibrated by a single country but it’s directly proportional to the world’s economy then why opt for such an erratic demeanor?

Well we can feel that young and ignited minds of India are totally discarding this shameful act now; we can feel the buzz around and it’s good to know that young people do understand the situation and they act accordingly because in the end India’s future is in our hand.

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