The New Youth Ki Awaaz Footer Bar: YKA Personalised!

Posted on July 22, 2010 in Events

Voicing opinions! That is what Youth Ki Awaaz is all about. And voicing is preceded by effective communication and connection. Information at a glance — that is the moving spirit of the brand new Youth Ki Awaaz footer bar. So you find a timeline of recent posts pop up at a click on the footer bar as soon a you web-veer onto the site.

With the revamped footer bar, connecting Youth Ki Awaaz on you favorite social networking site is just a click away. That article on a burning social issue makes you want to shout out to your folks? Let them know by clicking on you favorite social application bar on the footer. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or MySpace! You can even share YKA content on these social networking, microblogging sites or through e-mail by clicking on the “Share” option (which also appears when you hover your mouse on an image on the page).

And it’s a two-way street! Know what’s the latest Buzz on YKA and read latest Tweets about the voice of the youth in the form of pop-ups on the rakish midnight blue footer bar. As simple as that!

It even helps you connect to like-minded people! Drone out the noise and tune into vocal coherent voices on Youth Ki Awaaz in real time using your a Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and MySpace accounts via YKA chat, a stellar feature of the footer! After all, conversations lead to cohesion!

A search bar with the option of switching between Web search and site content search stays with you on every YKA page, helping you nail down that elusive topic instantly. Give your favorite YKA pages a thumbs up without having to navigate to the requisite space by clicking on “Like” on the bar. Courtesy this option, one gets the popularity rating of every YKA page in a wink, as soon as the page is visited, counting on the mounting “Likes”.

What’s more! You can even put in an application to join YKA via a tab on the handy footer bar which fleets you to the YKA Opportunities page! This dynamic integration of YKA with web applications is powered by Wibiya, the innovative toolbar provider for blogs and websites.

This footer efficiently brings to your notice multiple headers on a palette! Cheers! Do drop in your views below.