The Pen is My Sword: Writing for life…

Posted on July 12, 2010

By Asabi Rawlins:

I recently polled forty-six young children with regards to what their future plans are. My findings were expected and I was not at all surprised that 89 % of these children claim that they would like to be a doctor or a lawyer. Certainly, they have the freedom of choice to pursue whatever field they wish but I cannot help but lament the fact that most young people lack a sense of courage to choose something out of the ordinary.

Indeed, when one is choosing a career path, job security and financial security are two extremely important factors to be considered but so too is passion. I think that passion is what will undoubtedly sustain any individual and one’s interest and preferences must be accounted for.

The one thing that I find extremely therapeutic is writing. Being a writer can be a very fascinating job. Surely every individual that chooses such a career will not have a bestselling book, or win a Pulitzer Prize but the greatest award which any writer can achieve is the feeling of self-accomplishment and self-realisation. As a writer, one has the ability to attain untouched levels of permanence in that one’s words have made an impact on others, one can also venture into different aspects of writing while expanding your repertoire. Writing is undeniably an amazing profession, it allows for the construction of abstract, arbitrary facts into a well developed, well-connected logical piece. As a writer, you possess the power to convince, capture and coax others. They can journey with you, through your words only, to foreign lands, imaginary worlds.

I believe that writing offers an individual the ability to express themselves, speak for those lacking courage and stimulate the thoughts of others. We do need doctors, lawyers and scientist, but that’s not all our world needs. We need writers, literary scholars, masters and artists who colour our world simply through their use of words.

So go on, try it out!

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