The Puppet Show: Inborn Strengths [WITH VIDEO]

Posted on July 7, 2010 in Health and Life

By Tarun Kothari:

The following article is my 19 years of experience of what Life is which I’ve wondered often.

A Facebook status of my friend read: “Don’t be Proud of your Beauty, coz there is No Contribution of Yours in it”.

Yes definitely it’s one of the qualities that you were born with, which is only God-gifted. But then tell me one thing which is your very own?

Everyone is born with his gifted capability to logical reasoning, i.e. intelligence, with a pre-chosen level of your own attitude and  complex nature which combined with the environment you are brought up, your various interactions in this pre-fixed environment forms your day to day opinion or you power of judgement. But then do you decide how your opinions, intelligence or environment which to be?

Thousands of people compete against one another in one’s school life and later for various competitive examinations in a plethora of streams. Let’s take up one case say engineering, more specifically say IIT-JEE. What the difference between one who qualifies and one who fails to?

  1. Your background. Are you in proper guidance?
  2. Your family economic status. Can you afford a reputed coaching institute?
  3. Your intelligence and grasping skills.

Are any of these not God-gifted? One might argue one’s hard work and commitment might compensate for any of the above factors and hence making this achievement his very own. But my experience only suggests not all can work hard. Some people are born serious, some have deeper interest in studies they can work, practice on a stretch where as others have different levels of focus. They want to but they get tempted to do other activities where they can derive fun and joy. I don’t mean to suggest which one is better, but then do you choose which way you wish to be or you are what you are? Think… and isn’t the way you are completely dependent on your inherited qualities?

A guy born in an African village is deprived of education and continues hard labour which his ancestors have been passing on to one other for generations after generations.

A son of some popular Bollywood actor is destined to an opportunity which thousands more able only dream of.

Doesn’t this imply that we humans are puppets in this beautiful scenery acting along fixed paths unto the wishes of the Supreme Lord…?

It’s difficult to explain but it’s definitely a NO.

I’m still searching for the answer but one of the reason I can justify is:

Though humans are born with certain values they are always subject to alterations not only because of one’s environmental influences but also because of one’s will, belief (not the hard-work part) and dreams.  You don’t have a certain quality but you dearly wish you had one, you belief and confidence and your will can alter you accordingly.

It may feel like I’m talking some senseless but it’s scientifically proved well known, the powers of your subconscious mind. There are loads and loads of books, videos and content published on this topic but I’ll shortly elaborate on it.

Subconscious mind is considered to be infinitely powerful. Its something that becomes most active in deep meditations and just before sleep. The only things which it demands for success in any particular field is “belief in yourself”, confidence. And it accordingly directs changes in your body and mind which slowly brings about them to maximize your ability to succeed. You often use it unknowingly but now you can make maximum of it.

So you tend to become what you believe about you.

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