We Have All Been There [Part 1]

Posted on July 22, 2010 in Specials

By Tanaya Singh:

Stuck in a traffic jam, starving while waiting in a mess line, returning after long run, staring at your boarding pass, tapping the window sill… and during millions of other such trivial moments, all we have got to do is “think”. I am not aware of what they say about the conscious and the subconscious mind, but I am sure of one thing. The numerous seconds, minutes and hours that we spend doing nothing, are actually consumed by the brain in spilling creative beans. No matter you are a doctor, an architect, a manger, a writer or a technician….you are creative in your own way. And hence, when sometimes ,out of the blue we give ourselves the privilege of idleness, we let our minds wander into faraway lands and later come up with something that makes us “happy” in the real sense of the word.

It was raining hard on a beautiful Friday afternoon. And sitting on a rocking chair beside the balcony on a rainy day is real bliss. As always, my moment of bliss was being devoured by thousands of thoughts blasting up my brain with the speed of light. It’s not that they were unwelcome in any way. But then, all I wanted was to pen down the appealing ones before dozing off and later trying to rack my memory in search of the lost ideas for my pending article. But we all know that being lazy on a showery afternoon is totally allowed. So I just kept sitting there thinking about a suggestion given by a friend regarding my write-up. It was an idea that made me think about a very substantial something going around me. I found myself pondering over the ineluctable heartbreaks happening all at once among my friends. It seemed that there was a break-up revolution going on and nobody could do anything about it. I mean, generally the rain brings in all the romance and felicity between lovers… doesn’t it? I don’t know. I am really confused. Anyways, rather than discussing the miseries of people who do not understand such simple issues that seem to be understood by a major part of the population, let’s do some justice to the topic.

I want to talk about relationships, all that I have seen, heard and experienced. A few stories about people who were meant to be together, and those who just thought they were meant to be, and people who simply knew so did not need any extra efforts, and also those who had to work a little hard to make it all happen.

I can very confidently say that if I work really hard day and night, giving in every ounce of my intellect, then one fine day I will understand everything that Mr. Einstein and his friends wanted to say, all the weird theories of science. But I am equally positive about the fact that even after enduring the same degree of trouble, I’ll never be able to decipher the complex code of a relationship. And neither will you be able to do that. Even the people living the world’s greatest stories today, are sometimes perplexed by the “always blurred” boundaries of their relationships. (And please don’t start thinking about your dad….I am talking about you and your special one). At one point or other, all of us find ourselves diving deep for answers that we all thought we knew.

I don’t have any answers…. but that day, during my time of nothingness, I came up with this….. (After all being messed up is never a crime) 😉

I don’t know if it was the morning sun,

the fragrant breeze or the garden lily that day….

but something made me look into your eyes,

“We are meant to be together”, I wanted to say.

Everyone is not lucky enough,

to have a yard where cupid sways….

I am baffled, and troubled….

I am stuck and I am really afraid.

The love between water and the air….

that bonding of the most unexpected pair,

the split up of two most amazing friends….

those feelings immured at the impassable bends.

I have seen it all with amazement and awe….

Trust me, I have been there and I know it all,

But I am fraid and I am confused….

everything’s complicated and I feel amused….

So here I am, I don’t know what to do….

I’ll get my answers if I am there with you….

We are waiting alone-me and my baffled soul,

All these questions are genuinely new.