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Wear Your Skin And Let Animals Keep Theirs

Posted on July 25, 2010 in Society

By Sanya Suri:

“Be comfortable in your skin and let animals keep theirs” — though a recent quote by Dennis Rodman, it simply reiterates the ideology of all those supporting “Animal Liberation”, wherein the basic idea is to give rightful consideration to the interests of our non-human animal acquaintances. Since the beginning of time, human civilization has expanded and prospered on the dictum of “subordination of the weak”, thus fuelling violation of the most basic right of all living beings — to live. While their early actions may be explained and pardoned on the grounds that our very own survival was speculative, this argument holds no ground today. Equipped with the armor of technological and scientific expertise, humans have become immune to most environmental challenges. The question that has never ceased to plague my mind is — Isn’t it time we pave way for other species to catch on to us? And by doing so, repay them for ensuring human existence through nature’s numerous riddles at the cost of their ancestors.

Caught, caged and butchered — animals are abused and used in every possible way the human brain could devise. The more fortunate ones are shot at sight for anything and everything from their fur to their bones. Worse, some animals are caught alive, not to mention the hellish conditions they are kept in while in-queue to their (more often than not) homicide, for scientific research and experiments. Others are caged for life to humor humans at zoos and circuses. All in all, an animal is bound to end up in the net of human enslavement — this way or that.

Generally attributed to the rising awareness about their ever-receding numbers, the world is witnessing a mushrooming of animal right groups. While this may seem as a respite for the voiceless, most of them have failed to make a difference. A few like PETA and Friends of Animals have been actively pushing boundaries to make room for animals within the pillars of development that are dangerously closing in on animal hotspots. The success of these groups is accredited to local will and effort, thus setting examples for other groups to take along in their fight for justice for animals.

Every tick in the clock is symbolic of the apocalypse that our planet might witness if we don’t take it upon us to revive nature from the blunders of human infestation, and fast! We have already lost out on a large portion of nature’s richness, even before our children could relish its beauty as our forefathers did. If we don’t act fast, we will be depriving our children off the intrinsic right of breathing, just like we have been doing to our fellow beings.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.