Witnessing a Mini Flood – Perennial Problems in Delhi

Posted on July 21, 2010 in YKA Editorials

By Shashank Saurav:

You do not expect to move in a torrent of muddy water when you are living in the nation’s capital. Nevertheless, in India we are not expected to expect because as voters we mostly fail to make the correct decision. Hence all our demands and expectations remain buried in government files or are met with optimistic words but no action.

It seems the Delhi government is suffering with the same disease. It showed a lot of spunk, gusto and promise in bagging the rights of hosting the Commonwealth Games, but now that the moment is arriving the authorities seem to be playing hide and seek with the public and the media. Too much construction work is pending, overhauling of roads is required and overall development of the city is needed. The foundation for stadiums and complexes is laid but it seems inevitable that they will not be ready by the 1st week of August as the C.M. promised.

Even if we ignore this, how should we treat the numerous holes and ditches dug on the pathways in the name of Commonwealth Games? They should have been filled by now because they not only present Delhi in a bad light but also create problems for the people. For the last one month, the traffic is harassing the voters more than the heat. Now when the Monsoon has arrived, then the same ditches have turned into brooks and holes have become breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The first drops of rain brought relief from the scorching heat, but as the drops grew in number, they spawned a Mini Flood. Now many colonies and important streets are filled with water up to the knees. When citizens try complaining, the common excuse is that every personnel is involved in arrangements for Commonwealth Games. Some deign to give the assurance that the matter will be looked into and proper action will be taken. I guess that action will certainly be taken after the water recedes.It is still possible to live with water everywhere. If Mumbai and Kolkata people can survive so can we. But what about the everyday traffic congestions. We seem to be getting no respite from that. Every road is overcrowded either with cars or with pedestrians. Working men and women are turning up late and even work at the offices is pending. I think the whole city is affected by the commonwealth phobia and everything is being delayed. We saw a sign of hope when the Sheila Dixit recently went around the city especially where the construction was going on. They have certainly improved the sluggish pace at which they were moving and most of the things should be ready in time. But what about the public. Last year we were searching for water, this year we are running away from water.

This problem would not have been there if proper precautions were taken. All the drains seem clogged and because of cracks and holes, the water is collecting on the ground instead of going under it. Solutions are available but no one has the time to implement them. The reputation of the government is at stake and no one seems to care about the common man who chose this government.

The most recent victim of the games is the RAMLILA celebration that has been cancelled. The reason stated is that adequate security cannot be provided for the masses, as most police officers will be busy providing security in the stadiums.

As an Indian citizen, I am proud that we are hosting the Commonwealth Games but as a Delhite, I am ashamed of the arrangements made by the government.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz.

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