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Youth: Benighted No More

Posted on July 3, 2010 in Specials

Tarusha Mittal:

The general perception held by people is that youngsters are ignorant and are largely removed from the harsh realities of life.

This though might be true for a minority but I strongly believe is not the case for everyone. There are various instances in this day and age wherein youngsters have taken a stand and initiatives for various issues.

The youth today can – without an ounce of a doubt – be easily called the most aware, as the term “global village” takes up a whole new meaning all together, the amount of networking is enough to make the best of us dizzy.

The awareness has brought about a revolution – of sorts — in the stance taken by youth regarding various social, economic and political issues.

The awareness of the nitty-gritties of life has been made clear to the youth by the going away for college after school trend, which was not so much the case in the last decade. It is more of a new trend and now – a majority of students leave their hometown for further studies and this brings with it many things, coming face to face with the harsh realities of life and coming to know people who might take them out of their comfort-zone.

Technological advances have made it impossible for anyone to be oblivious to the various happenings around the world; the news and print media have a great presence online and there are various groups, petitions and websites being made every hour to make people more aware and considering the amount of time the youth spends online, it’s extremely difficult to remain benighted.

There are myriad examples, the Ruchika molestation case, the Jessica Lal murder case and the Reservation issue, where the youth took a stance and made sure that they were heard through the various socio-media networks.

It’s not just the social issues, the power of youth has been recognised by political stalwarts too. There are various youth offshoots of the various political parties and these have a considerable presence on University campuses.

Rahul Gandhi, recently, started a recruitment drive for the Youth, as well as, the mainstream Congress party.

There are various internships and competitions which aim at recruiting from among the new talent, youngsters who are aware of their bearings and are working hard to impel their career forward.

The perspective that the youth is ignorant is a biased view and there are exceptions to every rule.

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