Don’t Compromise Yourself, You Are All You’ve Got

Posted on August 20, 2010 in Health and Life

By Anshul Dhingra:

“A Well Begin is Work Half Done”…. We all know this saying but most of us don’t realize the real meaning of this statement. These days some of the youth want to focus more on HOW & HOW MUCH instead of WHY. WHY is the basis of our life, without which our life is meaningless? There are some questions about human behavior which always bother me: Like:

  • Why most of us don’t have a proper schedule in our life?
  • Why we study only one night before the examination and expect best results?
  • Why it always is that we promise and we expect so much but when it is time to show results we fail?
  • Why do we dream big when we see someone’s achievements but we cannot hold our motivation level for a longer time which results in de-motivated actions and behavior out of us?

The answer to these questions lies in the fact that we don’t start well in the beginning. And then we complain to our mentors & parents that we don’t get the expected results.

We focus on HOW instead of WHY, which is the driving force behind all our activities. And then in the end we are just confined to sentences for satisfying our own inner self like: It’s all in the hands of God, I will only get what’s there in my destiny and some of other related dialogues. But when I heard these sentences few questions which are still unanswered always pop up in my mind. I generally ask people these questions.

Q: – If you are expecting output or 100 % efficiency what input you have given to your life / work?

Q: – Are you committed to your parents, friends, and relatives and above all to yourself and your work?

Q: – Are you doing the work exactly as said by your Parents/ Teachers / Mentors or just doing the work as its suits your convenience and expecting the best results?

Q: – Do you know who you are? What’s your real identity as a human? Do you know your Strengths & Weaknesses?

And generally the answer which comes after hesitation & excuses is a Big NO.

But the answer is simple. We want everything for nothing. We want the desired dreams to be fulfilled but we forget the fact that everything has got a price tag attached to it. The situation is similar to the person who wants to buy a luxurious car BUT is afraid of fueling it (Who is going to fill petrol/diesel in the Car). Our life has become motionless and we are not doing things in our practical life in the way we want it to do, but in the way it normally happens in life. In Short we are living a life of compromise.

COMPROMISE is one of the ugly words in language. It means, I give Half, you give half – you settle for half. But then my question stands still, Why Half, when we can have the full. We are making a weak person out of us by following these practices in our life, which is controlled by negativity and sooner or later we start thinking of ourselves as losers. But the fact is that we are a beautiful gift of God created as a part of his creativity, having certain qualities, likes and dislikes to perform certain tasks and be responsible for all the actions and deeds which we do after evaluating them from the knowledge and wisdom he has provided us (Human Beings).

It just needs a single step of courage & daring for overcoming and understanding this. And for being a person of wisdom, a successful person in our life, we have to understand the value & importance of these words. When we have the answers to all the questions and a justified reason to all our deeds, it means we are near to being a successful person justifying life.