GURU: “Universal God that Resonates within You”

Posted on August 3, 2010 in Education

By Ranjeet Kumar:

The word GURU has lost its real meaning under the influence of the dynamic western world. The word has no perfect substitute in English. The word “Guru” itself has a spiritual dimension, and ancient Hindu scriptures and texts prove this. However, in contemporary parlance, we come across words like love guru, sex guru, management guru, tech guru, ad guru even guru ghantal and phrases like “aap to mere bhi guru nikle”. Unfortunately, a different genus of thought process has now evolved that can no more relate to Guru with absolute reverence.

In my opinion, the word GURU stands for the Universal God that Resonates within You. This universality of the almighty can be visualized in the lap of mother earth and resonance is important because it is the coherence and vibrations that gives music to your life. Thus guided by the eternal entity GURU we can experience that we are not just a mind-body complex but conscious spirits too. The guru acts as a mirror and serves as a tool to reveal the inherent reality of our own mind, and gives us the knowledge to understand that of the others. Guru enters our life to clean the clutter and introduce us to the garden of heaven within where the god is in perfect resonance with self.

Guru to me means the one who elevates me from a world of GUMNAMI to RUHAANI. He is not simply a physical being but a truly evolved spiritual entity with a lot to offer. He is the dynamo that enlightens the spirit within. A guru is not a guide but a mentor who walks along the even and odds sculpting the god within. In nutshell, guru opens the gate of understanding the presence of the almighty in the cosmos. It is by design that god has created consciousness so that we can travel to the routes which take us to the nectar of perpetual bliss and this can be achieved by enlightening the guru within.

On the auspicious eve of guru purnima, this my humble reverence to all the enlightened souls.

The writer is a visiting researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden.