Have You Ever Faced a Corrupt Government Official? [YKA Poll Results]

Posted on August 16, 2010 in Specials

Corruption has been a vicious and a deep rooted problem in India. From the lowest level clerk to the highest official, all have been plagued by the desire to earn more, under the table. Youth Ki Awaaz has been tracking corruption for quite some time now, and thus we decided to conduct a poll, asking our audience about their experiences with the bureaucrats and other Government officials.

On 4th of May, 2010, Youth Ki Awaaz released its Quarterly poll. As thought, the question was “Have You Ever Faced a Corrupt Government Official“, and as expected, the response was overwhelming. We received around 320 votes and the results were very clear.

In the first few days, the results were weighing equal, however, on 4th of August, 2010, when we closed our poll the story was completely differently.

Our poll clearly showed that a whopping 91% of the voters had faced corrupt Government officials. This was the startling result that this poll brought forth. Certainly not something that could shake us to the core. In a way, we did expect this, right? Well, there have been people who have disagreed as well. About 9% of the voters had never faced corrupt Government officials.

The result graph is as follows:

Our poll results showed the above facts.

The recent CWG Corruption has certainly been an addition to the list of corrupt practices. This poll proves that a number of us have been exposed to some kind of, however minor, corruption. Your voice matters. Have you ever been subject to any level of corruption? Have you ever faced a corrupt Government official?

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