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Honour Killing: Since Time Immemorial…

Posted on August 24, 2010 in Specials

By Nehal Jain:

A child arrives in this world due to its parents. If there is anyone who is the benefactor of a person for sure, it’s the parents. Because, they are the ones who were responsible for bringing it in the world and it is no new fact, that there is no love greater than the love parents have for their child. Then, what is it, which drives parents to kill its own child?

Here, I am talking about the issue pertaining to the so many killings which have been committed recently, in the name of honour. Yes, I am talking about cases when parents murder their children because they have chosen a person belonging to the same clan. Surely a parent won’t kill his child until he is fully convinced about the righteousness of his decision. Then, the real question is on the psychology of a parent when he connives to kill his own child.

The only answer to this that I can contemplate is the so called traditional wrong “rituals” people still practise in India.  This leads us to the concept of khap panchayat. Khap means a cluster of villages sharing same caste or geography. Khap panchayats have been around from 14th century when upper caste consolidated them to increase their power. Khap panchayats consider all the boys and girls within khap as its siblings and consider themselves as a court which is responsible for maintaining its own “law” in its area of “jurisdiction”. Needless to say, the real “law” is not a matter of consideration here. Love marriages are a taboo and when we talk about same clan cases, blood flows freely. They don’t have any clause which validates their move in the Hindu act or any other law but obviously, it doesn’t really matter. When, they are questioned about the logic, they boast about the speed with which they deliver the verdict. No logic is required, but the element of it happening since old times, is a compulsion and the proof in itself of its morality.

Its high time, people realise the logic without allowing themselves to be carried away by the “reason” of khap panchayats. They should recognize that there is no honour in killing children for the sake of old beliefs. They should think on their own rather than being dictated by people. It is no crime to love a person regardless of its caste/clan, but, that is a law itself. As for the government, panchayats have even “threatened” the government to go against it in case if it continues with punishing the people involved in honour killings. Threatening government is going against the nation, which should not be tolerated at any costs. They should to be reminded that this is democracy and no one is allowed to go against law like this. They need to learn the lesson before the killers themselves, because neglecting them would only endanger us in the hands of a whole new army of killers duly protected by panchayats.