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Redefining Networking: Odyssey from Virtual to Real

Posted on August 11, 2010 in Specials

By Ranjeet Kumar:

In the fast changing scenario of technological advancement life has suddenly became virtual in outlook. In the era of social networking the man next door goes in oblivion. What we call connectivity has taken a more casual shape with no connection to heart and emotions that are mere mechanical expressions or plastic in nature. Surrounded by tech gadgets, cell phones, PCs, laptops, iPhone, androids etc, the virtual connectivity of the individual has enhanced beyond limits with no rooms for a private serene peaceful life.

Blogs, twitter, facebook, orkut and similar sites have gained popularity beyond expectation. Life is public now with celebrities and the common man sharing a platform that treats everyone virtually equally. There are some good attributes to it but issues raised need not die in virtual space but can receive a platform of reality too and this, answering very frankly, is very little. Gossips, chit chat and breaking news collectively are like a fidayeen attack on your gentle consciousness. Our life has reduced to screens be it TV, computers or phones. How are we going to cope up and maintain an equilibrium with ourselves when a large chunk of our time goes into it. The question needs a pragmatic approach. We have created technologies not to ruin ourselves. How can we better connect to the niche around us and passionately have empathy for people.

The entire urban set-up is a conspiracy to reduce you to the point of nothingness where you struggle to create an identity that would prove you out of the crowd as someone unique. The gadgets around should help you in realizing the fact that the material achievement has to go along with inner fulfillment. This inner fulfillment can be reached in peace with yourself. My point here is lucid – whatever you give attention to enhances your life so focus your attention to what matters the most. Social networking by denying the family and friends who are in your vicinity doesn’t make sense.

In the techie world breathe fresh, feel the nature slow down, imbibe the abundance rather than letting in lust, greed, anger, insecurity and psyche of defeat, This is what is pouring in from the entire so-called connectivity platform. To be unique, you need not end up in a cut throat competitive rat race. Remember even if you win in the race you are still a rat. So explore the possibility of connecting to the garden of heaven, the blue sky within the red ocean where you choose to swim unconsciously. May the journey of the inner connectivity strengthen the pillars of personality and the potential within animate to reality.

The writer is a visiting researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden.