The Entrance Coaching Racket

Posted on August 1, 2010 in Education

By Shashank Saurav:

You must have heard that “Behind every successful man there is a woman”. But I bet you haven’t noticed, “Behind most Engineers there is a Coaching Institution”. This saying is valid even for most doctors nowadays. However whether the latter saying results in success or not is a debatable topic.

These points came to my mind while going through the newspaper. Many companies who recruit graduates especially ones from the technical lot are complaining that the quality of engineers has deteriorated. All the thinking is limited to theoretical aspects. Because of lack of in-depth knowledge of the subject most of these graduates do not fit into the scheme of things and are rendered jobless or with less paying jobs. Their decadent practical knowledge is a portentous sign of the time when engineering will lose its sheen just like the Master of Sciences. Even if they are recruited, they have to undergo training for at least two years. But with this training even an ignoramus can be appointed. So how did these so called engineers spend their 4 years?

Flaying the institution alone does not serve any purpose. The root of this malaise lies in the coaching system. Again, I would like to asseverate that some coaching institutions are doing a commendable job and deserve praise. Nevertheless, most of them are running a racket in which they play with the future of students. It might lead to short term success but chances of long term survival look bleak.

To some — what I am saying might look far-fetched. However, I have one reason to support my accusations. Every year more than thousand students qualify from Kota, which is famous for its institutes like Bansal and Resonance. However this year the number took a sharp plunge. It is difficult to assess the sudden failure of such a well-established system. But don’t you think it is more than mere coincidence that this sudden drop coincides with the decision taken by JEE committee to proscribe Kota from holding JEE this year.

Most of the schemes designed by coaching centres revolve around lucrative ideas. For instance-

Generally the coaching starts in the evening. But it was found that students come to the centre tired after a grueling day’s work at school. Therefore, some institutes floated the concept of conducting classes in the daytime within school premises. However instead of the school teachers the classes would be taken by coaching staff. The idea seemed novel only the intentions were dubious. Not only was the coaching fees doubled but also the student was required to pay the whole tuition fees demanded by the school, just for using the classroom. This is a perfect money making scheme designed to exploit the public.

However, their rapaciousness was at full display when the plan to include class 8 & class 9 was conceived. The idea was marketed that in order to crack JEE, coaching must start at the high school itself. This is probably why the schedule of students is getting so hectic. Failure at this level might lead to depression and ultimately suicide. The same teachers who teach +2 students were employed and hence the same money was charged. Aren’t the people who are taking decisions in these coaching institutes nothing more than mountebanks?

The situation in 11th and 12th is no better. With overcrowded classes, huge lecture theatres, slothful students and didactic teaching who can expect these kids to qualify. Besides students tend to neglect their school studies which in turn results in pathetic performance in board exams. In some cases, the students fail to maintain the mandatory attendance percentage required to appear in the exams that causes last minute altercation with the authorities.

Still parents continue to expect and that is why the government is trying to bring down the level of IIT’s by increasing the number of seats so that every customer can grab one. As a result the output is shabby and hence it’s no wonder that companies are starting to prefer off campus recruitment.

The writer is a Correspondent of Youth Ki Awaaz and also a student of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.