We Have All Been There [Part 2]

Posted on August 1, 2010 in Specials

By Tanaya Singh:

[This is Part 2 of our 5 Part series on relationships. To read the previous posts click here.]

The water and the air….

We are a part of everything here,

the destiny, the desire, the fate and the fire.

If the two poles have to meet at someplace ever….

it will be here, in the depths of my heart,

and they will never be apart.

I have found you in my passion; and also in my fears….

I find myself in your questions; in your silence I am there.

We are really different; the game isn’t so fair….

If I am the water then you are the air.

It does not happen often, but sometimes just when all the pieces of your puzzle are finally falling into the correct places….you bump into two dazzling people, and your pieces get jumbled up again leaving you at the same place where you started with just one question; “Does everybody meet that perfect soul mate someday?” You look at them and give second thoughts to all your theories and philosophies, because how can two people who are so completely different; the polar opposites of each other, be together? But they end up being united for life. And it keeps happening all around us. Maybe it’s happening with you. I know opposites attract, but “being attracted to” and “falling in love with” are not always the same things. Are they?

Falling for somebody who loves to talk about the American politics when you want to blabber about the recent model of the coolest car in town is the most amazing and a brightly promising feeling. I mean, what’s interesting in discussing the American politics over breakfast when the two of you are one of those “know-it-all” kinds of people?

In her epic novel “Wuthering Heights”, Emily Bronte wrote; “she was attracted to Heathcliffe not because she loved him but because: “HE WAS MORE LIKE HER THAN SHE HERSELF”. (the lines are not quoted but a gist of the original). Now, I really don’t know what this lady was thinking when found herself falling for a man due to a reason as unfathomable as that. (Yes this does not fit in here, but while we were still open to discussing the numerous confusions in relationships, I thought of bringing up this doubt as well.)

If we are talking about those adverse twos living happily ever after, then a mention of the Scorpio and the Aquarius is an absolute must. The water and the air signs. I recently came across the most memorable pairs of all times. Had we a name for events of such characteristics, I would have called them antonyms: Make them stand together and ask them a few questions. If one says yes, the other answer will be a no for sure. And the glint in those eyes when they have a debate over “who’s right?” just makes them even more perfect for each other. If one of them is a friend for everyone who passes by, the other one is happy being encapsulated in that carefully chosen company of cronies. If one of them has a control over all the feelings and emotions, the other has a brimful of those, spilling out every time.

But then, if one of them is shell of secrets, the other one loves to explore and get them out. If one of them is busy with work, the other likes to wait. If one of them is scared, the other is always there. If one of them is possessive, the other one is in love. The fixed water and fixed air: they can vary for no one but each other. They start as best friends, and never turn back. And isn’t that what we call love; the dream of forever!

So the next time you feel for a girl/guy who you think is your diametric opposite, please don’t go around trying to wrench that feeling away from you. Because you never know; maybe the right one is sitting just next to you, reading a novel that you are sure you’ll never read!!!