And with that Cable, My Patience Snapped: Commonwealth Games Collapse

Posted on September 25, 2010 in Specials

By Kunal Anand:

Finally, my worst fears regarding the Commonwealth Games have started coming true. Right from the day when the first report on how Kalmadi and Co. have taken the country for a ride started pouring in, I kept praying for the success of these Games. I wanted it to succeed, not to hide our corruption and incapability (thanks to our netas and bureaucrats, nobody expects us to be outstandingly honest), but for those poor athletes who toil for years to make their mark on the world stage. I wanted it to succeed for the people of Delhi who have suffered numerous terrorist attacks in the past and these Games could have been their healing balm. I won’t lie; there was a part of me telling that if we could pull this off, it would be a great image booster for the largest democracy in the world. With all the negative hype surrounding the preparations, I still thought that at the end, we would make it. After all, if South Africa, with fewer resources and a lot more problems could make FIFA World Cup memorable, why couldn’t we do it with the CWG?

And then, the newly built foot-over bridge leading to the main stadium came down like a pack of cards. The official reason given was that a few cables holding the structure snapped, leading to the collapse of the structure. Sheila Dikshit again came up with an inhuman excuse (remember her rhetoric about how female journos shouldn’t move out in early hours of the day to avoid rape and murder?) telling that there was nothing to worry as the bridge was meant for the commoners and not the athletes! As if the lives of common Delhiites means nothing! I don’t remember what Kalmadi said. That guy has lost it totally and if not for the “High Command”, he should be sharing space with Abu Salem in Jail. Public Works Department passed the buck to the contractors, and as always, nothing changed. Participating countries are threatening to boycott the event due to inhabitable living conditions in the Games village. An Australian T.V crew was able to walk in the main venue with a detonator suitcase. In an ironic turn of events, China has finished all work and handed over the athlete’s village to the Asian Games federation for the Asiad that will start only in November.

India’s moment of Shame has finally arrived. Thanks to a group of thieves, the whole nation stands humiliated. Adding salt to the wound, everyone who should have been punished for this mess is walking around without a bit of remorse. I guess we have had enough. It’s time we distanced ourselves from this sham. It’s time Delhiites keep away from an event whose organizers think it’s ok if a few of them die walking on those over bridges.

THIS IS NOT INDIA’S COMMONWEALTH GAMES. THIS IS NOT HOW WE DO THINGS. We are the people who make high-end processors and softwares. We power NASA missions to the moon. We are in no way incapable of making a few buildings and bridges. It’s just that we chose the wrong people for the job this time. We do not deserve to be disgraced at the hands of a few dysfunctional administrators. So what if they all have colluded together to hide each other’s crimes? Let’s show them that our coalition is far stronger than their “group of thieves”. Let’s not be a part of this mockery. If these Commonwealth Games fail, we won’t lose any respect. These games have brought none anyways. They have failed us forever. It won’t guarantee any change of guard or heart at the higher level, but at least it will send a message to the world loud and clear that INDIANS are not a party to this mess.

It will be interesting to hear their excuse if a structure’s collapse is on a high ranking Games official.