Be The Change — And Then You See Things Changing

Posted on September 28, 2010 in Specials

By Amrit George:

While watching this particular episode of South Park (for those who haven’t heard of it-it’s an American comedy animated sitcom) I came across something pretty obvious. It’s something we all know but something we do not really talk about. Well, it’s not like we haven’t been doing that for age; it’s a natural tendency to blame someone else for just about everything. So what exactly am I talking about?

For those wondering if I am speaking sense at all or wondering if I’m sane — let me make this simple. I’m talking about The Problem. We feel it each day. We get up and wonder that something is wrong. Something is wrong with system-something is wrong with the people around us-something is wrong with the country-something is wrong with our lives-something is wrong with the world…basically most things don’t seem right and we just aren’t able to do anything about it. Pardon me if I seem pessimistic. But most people I have met face this.

Coming back to the episode– it’s about how the characters want to save their area from commercialization. So they try to eliminate the issue. In their quest to do so, they finally reach the root of the problem. No magic words. No secret ancient principle. No modern day success mantra. Just a plain old mirror. Too simple? Well that’s how most things actually are.

It is we who are the problem. It is us where the issues begin. Each day it’s we who decide how things happen. The world would be a better place if WE decide to take action. As an example, let’s take the issue of the CWG 2010. Everyone seems to be super angry about it. Everyone is angry about the fact that we are under-prepared (or not prepared at all!). But what did we do about it? We all just sat back comfortably and let the government do what they are ‘supposed’ to do. We knew about 2 years ago that everything was going downhill. But we just watched the whole structure crumble and now with merely a week to go, we are all swooping down as vultures to pick on the so-called “authorities”. We as a nation will be disgraced. And we as a nation failed. We are the reason why the event will be a failure; just sitting back and watching things unfold doesn’t make us a good citizen.

Fortunately, the guy in the mirror is the solution. He is the one who can change things. The revolutions in the world are caused by him. People looking for a solution must realize that the answer to all their answers lies in themselves. The moment we discover that within ourselves, things will change. Tough as this seems initially, all the strength we seek is inside us.

Hey, I’m not someone who has figured it all out. I guess I’ve just realized something really important. Realization is one thing, doing it is what actually matters.