Common Man In The Starry Streets of Bollywood

Posted on September 8, 2010 in Media

By Raunaq Pradhan:

Mere paas bangle hai, gaadi hai, paisa hai, sab kuch hai; tumhare paas kya hai?” “Mere paas maa hai” This is one dialogue that every child born in this country knows even if they can not name the movie it originated from (Deewar).

Movies knowingly or unknowingly seem to occupy a very major part of our lives. People in India idolize the film stars as Gods and feel blessed by a momentary sight of them – a touch makes freaks them out. They wait for long hours just to catch a glimpse of their favorite hero.

Mumbai is known to be the home of the Indian cinema. It attracts thousands of people from all over India, such as models, middle class people, musicians; all of them waiting for that one big break and subsequently becoming famous. People leave their homes and family to become an actor/actress, lured by the seductive life of Bollywood. But, have we ever wondered what goes into the making of an actor? Most of the actors can be categorized into two categories: 1) Those who have a well-known respected family in Bollywood, which provides them with an automatic ‘break’ when names are thrown around. 2) Next are those who have fathers akin to the Producer’s banker, who feel that their adorable son’s debut is priceless to them and cost is no problem. The last miserable category is the normal man with an exceptional talent but even for that, he does’n’t have what the other two do so he remains a no-show.

We see our stars earning so much money and stardom which definitely attracts us into it but have we ever wondered what and how their life is? People with ambitions come and in the process get lost in the fast moving world. So many live in inhuman conditions in the nooks and crannies of Mumbai for their dreams, and many commit suicides due to depression. Women are often subject to harsh situations which destroy the very spirit that brought them there. There are a lot of other unforeseen circumstances which happen and bring forth the ugly side of Bollywood. But by the time people realize, it is too late.

Who had ever thought that there’s such a dark night behind the spotlights of glamour and glitz of the film industry. It’s time that people who wish to join Bollywood or any aspect of the entertainment industry have a back up and take up foolproof roads into the industry.