Essence of Freedom Revisited

Posted on September 1, 2010 in Specials

By Ranjeet Kumar:

The celebration of independence begins and ends on one day but the saga of chaos continues. The challenge is to understand the essence of freedom and imbibing the true spirit beyond. The appeal of the President focuses on two core issues – corruption and terrorism. Though the appeal goes to people at large but what about the people who form the government, the chosen few who represent hope of the millions. Corruption has its roots upside down like an inverted pyramid where the politician and bureaucrats occupy the base and the people are at the other end on the tip.

Watch any news channel and you will be taken away by the cyclone of sensationalism. Though they sensitize masses but never ever any solutions seem to come out. All the ministries seem virtually corrupt as if its viral be it sports, education, food, agriculture, education or welfare. Negative energy accumulating in the psyche can have a drastic outburst. People dying of starvation and food grains just left to decay. Train accidents taking lives and people playing political mind game. Price rise, Kashmir issue, common wealth games and no solutions yet. With this in the mind let me introduce my alphabetical understanding on the 63rd Independence Day. The A to Z of chaotic celebrative mood came against a backdrop of agriculture, Bhopal Gag Tragedy, corruption, development, education energy and economic crisis, food grain decay, games common wealth, health, infrastructure, judiciary corruption, kashmir, leh disaster, maoist activity, north east, oil prices, population, quota (reservation), recession, security (internal, external), terrorism, unemployment, vendetta – political and bureaucratic, unsafe drinking water, excuse on every issue. A zero-hope situation maybe.

The issues outlined are just a representative list but mountain of problems lies that need to be dealt and disposed of. The sad thing is that in this moment of emergency, the voice of the Prime Minister is inaudible on core issues. The human resource is large and unutilized and needs a more pragmatic look of making all the head count. So Independence Day came and went again and this question constantly haunts my consciousness. Are we really cherishing being independent.