Finding Myself!

Posted on September 11, 2010 in Society

By Amrita Garg:

I search within, search the depths,
I’m finding answers to all those questions,
Which haunt me in my waking hours,
And come back when i sleep.

Life has given me so much,
But then, it has taken away even more
It has left me stranded, bent,
Trying to gather the few left-over pieces.

These pieces have to form a picture,
Which will help me understand, maybe,
Who I am supposed to be,
Where my life is destined to go.

One moment i see light-warm, inviting,
And it beckons me with promises,
Of showing me the path i have to take,
Of guiding me to my final destination.

I move forward, hope glowing in my heart,
But the light is starting to fade,
Once again I stand enveloped in darkness,
Trying to banish these doubts and fears.

Life is passing, as it always does,
But I seem to have come to a standstill,
Not knowing how to proceed,
Lost, while trying to find my way.

I smell the rain drops and the flowers,
I hear the soft rustle of the pages of a book,
I hear the music of angels,
I see the much-loved faces around me.

That is when i know all is not lost,
I have found myself in these things,
Because they are an indestructible part of me,
I find myself defined in these.

The bright lights of the stage beckon,
My pen is waiting for me,
The music is still there in my ears,
And the soft rain is adding to the magic.

I realize that this is what I want,
A peaceful, beautiful life with a touch of drama,
A mystical land of angels and faeries,
A land of love, music and friends..