Fragments of Thoughts

Posted on September 13, 2010 in Society

By Swaruparani Sahu:

Standing in the rain, but the raindrops do not drench my body

Amongst a crowd, no one can hear when I shout I’ve nobody;

Travelling on the path I’ve already trodden, yet I feel I’m lost

Neither a fairytale could amaze me nor a story of a ghost;

Laughing out loud, even with a saddened heart

With smiles all the way on my face when I’m hurt;

Giving not a clue to anyone when I’m angry

And all the bitter memories of life I prefer to bury;

Remaining indifferent when people are ignorant of my emotions

I’m tired of giving each of them my explanations;

Gaping at those strange people disappointingly

But the worst is when my dear ones can’t guess my reasons of melancholy…