Interview with Mr. N. Chandramohan, Head, SMT Division, India of Juki Corporation, Japan

Posted on September 5, 2010 in Interviews

Shraddha Sankhe from Youth Ki Awaaz got a golden opportunity of interviewing Mr. Nataranjan Chandramohan who heads the SMT (Surface MountTechnology) Division, India of Juki Corporation, Japan.

Juki Corporation has a corporate history of 72 years of manufacturing Industrial/Household Sewing machines in addition to SMT Systems segment and Precision Electronic Equipment segment in Japan, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Europe and  India.

Much similar to Juki Corporation’s mantra-“Mind and Technology” is Mr. Chandramohan’s demeanor of answering most questions- with mind and much technology.

Shraddha asked him ten questions about being a boss, opinonator and a father.

You head the regional corporate offices of Juki Corporation in India. Does that mean a lot of responsibility? You supervise over all the regional offices?

Juki, India has 2 major divisions- Industrial Sewing Machines and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Division.

I head the SMT Division and we operate from 3 Regional Centers-Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. As a Country Head, the responsibilities are quite large, and also since the SMT Division is manufacturing High Tech Capital goods the initiation to Indian Market is quite a challenge.

How many years have you been working for Juki Corp.?

I have been associated with Juki for over 10 years, but as an employee for about 4 years.

Does Juki Corporation indulge in generous charities inIndia?

In India they have not done any so far.


The economic slump, China taking over Japan as the 2ndbiggest economy–how optimistic are you (Juki being a Japanese Corp.)?

True, that China is taking over Japan as the second largest economy in terms of GDP, but China lags far behind, in fact only a fraction, in terms of per Capita Income. Being in High Tech equipments, there is no competition as yet from China. Japan is moving to higher value chain products, while China is mass manufacturing for the world. The Chinese still will have to depend on USA/JAPAN and other advanced countries for core Technologies.

How does the Indian Manufacturing industry look say, over the next 5 years?

India lost its manufacturing to China 20 years back. But the realization has dawned and India is becoming competitive. We should now be moving at a faster pace. The world is now looking at India as an alternate destination to China.
When did you graduate? Did you do engineering?

I did my B.Tech (Mechanical) from National Institute of Technology, Warangal (AP) in1975.

You’re into photography. And you travel a lot. Is that a mixing of passions? Or is that a case of a convenient pass-time?

Whatever I do is for passion sake. I guess there is no time to pass. We have so much to do, and so many interesting things to do.

You once said that your daughters pursued a career which they were passionate about. You always encouraged them. Tell me more. Would you give any advice to other fathers?

Each is born with an innate talent. The job of the parent is only to identify, help children to identify and give them support to achieve their goals. In fact we should break the traditional Parent- Child relationship and must become a close friend, and a companion to our children.

You tweet. And you’re vocal about the social issues. Be it the Common Wealth Games or the Cricket match-fixing controversy…how do you find time to opinionate?

I guess everyone has an opinion. Tweet and Technology enables us to voice it. It is easy these days.

The last and a random question-Tell me about your favorite destination.

I have traveled all over the world, Italy fascinates me the most.  I guess it’s the combination of History, Culture and People which makes it fascinating.
Mr. Chandramohan Natarajan tweets as @moet51 and has a beautiful assortment of his passion for photography on Flickr-